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Hello everyone it's been a while hasn't it? Don't worry I'm still alive I've just been busy with theater camp and as you can see from the title I went to GOT7's Fly Concert in New York
But First things first I would like to get my anger out about the people running the concert *cough* SubKulture *cough* Like I said SubKulture is the people that were running the concert Originally I was suppose to have a ticket that has seats but what did I get instead? Standing in the very back!! I was pretty pissed especially since I'm 5'3 So yeah I'm pretty short since they were tall people and cellphone recordings blocking my view and I have to piggyback someone nearby so I can see properly
Anyway now that I'm feeling better The concert itself was awesome!! I didn't take any photos besides the stage itself
I filmed a few songs and sexy dancing from the members Yugyeom, Jackson, and Youngjae I didn't film Junior and Marks dance Plus JB was still recovering from his back injury But here are two songs I recorded but it got cut off due to my phone dying
These guys were just too adorkable and sexy I just love them way too much I just can't!
Also there's my story and I hope to see GOT7 again hopefully with a company that knows how to organize an actual concert But still no regrets So my whole body hurts, wish me luck with my recovery Also please comment down below f you have questions or comments See ya!!~