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Cringe warning... (at least for me haha) "Baby!" Y/N called entering the house with groceries. "Yes, cutie?" Kihyun questioned walking into the living room where Y/N was struggling with the bags. 'She looks so cute with a pout on her face.' He thought. She huffed a little puffing out her cheeks. "Can you please help?" She begged giving puppy eyes. "And if I don't?" He smirked. "Baby~!" 'Dammit, she's using aegyo.' "I just won't cook for you anymore. Have fun eating take out." She huffed grabbing the bags from the floor. "You wouldn't!" It was her turn to smile. "Try me." He quickly grabbed the bags from her and put everything away. He turned towards her with an eye smile. "What's for dinner?" She laughed a little jumping, hugging her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. A smile that never seemed to leave her face. "Whatever you want." She pecked his lips before jumping down. "One more?" She giggled giving him another peck. "Now what do you want?" "Hmm.... bossam and dak galbi." "Okay, go wash up while I make it!" "Why can't i help make it?" he pouted causing her to laugh. "Fine, fine. But go wash up!" "Okay!" After Kihyun washed up he went to their shared room and grabbed the present he got for Y/N. "Baby~" she called. "Are you done?" "Coming!" He put the present behind his back waiting for her to turn around. "Cutie!" "Yeah?" She turned to face him and saw teddy bear holding chocolates in one hand and a box in the other. "Awe!" she squealed. "Y/N, remember the necklace you liked?" "The one you said was too simple, that I needed more?" He chuckled. "Yep! Here you go!" he handed her the box which held a gold necklace with a heart pendant. "Baby~ I don't have anything for you." She pouted. "But thank you so much!" "Don't worry about it. You deserve to be spoiled every now and then." He kissed her cheek. "Now let's start dinner!" "Yes sir!" she giggled as Kihyun helped put the necklace on. "Next time I'm treating you, okay?" "Whatever you want." he smiled.
Thank you ❀ I love it 😊😊
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