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Irie Shoichi ends up being the good guy
Hitman Reborn!
This time, it's not even because this is my favorite right now. I literally did not see this coming!! When Tsuna and all his friends wound up in the future, Shoichi was THE bad guy. When they broke into the Melrone base and tried to make their way to the time machine and Shoichi himself, he had powerful men fight them and several of Tsuna's friends suffered major injuries. When Shoichi clarified that he was working with the 10 year older Tsuna and was told, by him, to bring them all to the future I was shocked! Well, even shocked is an understatement. From that time on though through the rest of the anime, Shoichi became one of my most favorite characters. (:
Zera ends up being a ghost
Fairytail Zero
I don't normally add Fairytail to my anime challenge posts but dammit did this surprise the crap out of me! It was like the Sixth Sense all over again!!! Never realizing no one spoke to her but Mavis and all that. Finding out that she was just a figment of Mavis' imagination was a huge shocker for me..
Isshin Kurosaki is a Soul Reaper??!!!
This moment is probably neck and neck with my number one choice of Shoichi being on the good side. The human world is in dire need of help with so many hollow invasions in one night, Ichigo being off fighting hollows elsewhere, Isshin, his father appears out of no where, dressed as a Shinigami and a badass one at that. PLUS the fact he appears to be wearing on his left shoulder, what looks like a captains cloak??!! Then you have Urahara appearing out of no where like he isn't even phased by the sight. (Read the manga and you'll get the full story behind this) (;
Naruto's father is the fourth Hokage??!!
Naruto Shippuden
During an already stressful yet awesome battle with Pain, Naruto loses himself to the Kyubi, nine tails. Just as he is about to pull away the seal, Minato appears, claiming to be Naruto's father and he just so happens to also be the fourth Hokage of the Leaf Village!!! I saw the little hints and signs from Kakashi, Iryuka, and Lord Third Hokage but never put it all together. It's no wonder that Naruto has always stuck with his dream of being Hokage one day.. <3
Again, I could go on forever but I have studying to do, and anime to watch! Hehe. I hope you all enjoyed and until next time!!!
Tagging the nakama...
shoichi was definetley a huge surprise.
Yep! I'm off the next two days so I won't be sleeping anytime soon! Haha. There will be lots of honorable mentions for this one. I can't even focus on my training at work cuz I'm trying to think of all the ones I want to mention! Haha @LuffyNewman
I can't wait to find out Luffy's mom!!!! But today is the challenge you've been waiting for... Favorite fight!!! I can't wait to get off work !! (: @LuffyNewman
I can def say even though I saw it coming, Ichigos Father was a big one!! But just wait til Luffy's, my, mother is finally given a full appearance!! Haha
irie one kicked my legs off 2
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