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So I've been kind of busy today putting together the mods for the anime community & our new guidelines so I kinnnnnnnd of forgot about Waifu Wednesady.
So I'm announcing the topic for this week now, and you can post them today or tomorrow since it's so late!!!! Sorry for the inconvenience ;) I saw some people already did theirs - no worriess!!!

This week's theme is Tsundere!!!

Post your favorite tsundere waifus :3
Tag me in the card, put {WW} in the title & I'll clip it to the WW collection!!
Tagging the {WW} Crew! Let me know if I should tag or remove you ^-^
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Louise de valiare
Apparently it's a tie between Aisaka Taiga & Louise De Valiare
Taiga is mine! I will fight all of you!!!!!!
rin tohsaka for the win
Favorite Tsundere is Ryoko Okami since her backstory makes sense for her to be a tsundere, not just cause she's embarassed about a dude. She's just a badass girl that can kick ass. But if we went by the one I'd most want to date/marry it would have to be Kotori Itsuka. Sure she has a brother complex (to be fair she's not his sister, she was just sent to live with him at a young age and she knows this (not that he did)) but as mentioned inside the parentheses, that doesn't really count. I don't know why I like her specifically, her figure appeals to me a lot (not because she's a loli but because she's slender and perky) and I like her attitude. She's smart, confident and even a little bit of snark. She's also very trusting and a natural leader. In short, there is a lot more to her then just being a tsundere, unlike many Tsunderes. This is way longer than the other comments... sigh... if you read all the way to this part, like it and you will get an imaginary cookie.