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All I know are the words "I'm sorry" And I'm sorry that it's all I know ~KB
@Sam711 it's not necessarily about getting into trouble and making mistakes. I wrote this because some people in this world are too hard on themselves. they think if something goes wrong or if someone is sad/angry they need to apologize because they don't know what else to do or say. also there are people who feel as if they need to make everyone happy, and if they fail they get melancholy and apologize. Point is, people are too hard on themselves and feel as if everything is their fault:causing them to always say sorry. It's more about low esteem and people not knowing what to do or say since they are either too hard on themselves or, in plain general, don't know what they are supposed to do or say in situations. I appreciate the feedback, but don't forget to look deeper into poems and their meanings. they aren't always that simple. 😁
@khrisb98 thanks for clearing that out, I appreciate it 😊