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❣ Hello Everyone! I am your Resident Jenissi.

Today's cards are about the member intros. I have gathered facts and sorts to help you learn about my booboo JenJen.

(♥ω♥ )

☆☆ He's one of my Ultimate Biases ☆☆

Aside from having dimples made from heaven, my heart, my future last name, and a voice made from the heavens, he's absolutely


and the soulful Rap voice.
Birth Name: Kim Tae Yang Stage Name: Jenissi Birthday: August 1, 1991 Position: Rapper, Vocalist Height: 174 cm Zodiac: Leo/Sheep Hobbies: Playing the Piano, cycling, playing basketball, Games, reading Family: Mother, Father, Older Sister. Stage Name origin: Jehovah-nissi "Lord who is Victorious" Tattoos: Stop & Play- Left Wrist Let Me Hit that - Right Wrist Can't use chop sticks - HEY THAT MAKES TWO OF US Started aspiring when he was 21 to be a singer. If he wasn't a singer he'd either be a novelist, composer or a poet ♡

❧ You're welcome in advance for his voice ♡

❧ He's perfection.

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@AimeeH Same! They're a great group but so underrated! They're crazy talented too.
@xoxorittie Same!! Literally Topp Dogg has risen so high. Their personalities consume me!
@AimeeH I do too! I watch them over and over and never get bored! I can't live without these boys!
@xoxorittie OMG yes!! Not gonna lie! I put the episodes on repeat XD HAHA I have to have them in my life. They are such cute preciosu faces!! YEASSSS!! ME TOOO!
@AimeeH I am LOVING their webshow! I love the ones of them in their new dorm! They're all so adorable. Same! OMG they make me so happy! I'm so happy I found someone who loves them as much I do! lol
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