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Homer Goes To Therapy?
Did anyone else see this episode? It was the first episode of season 27 where Homer and Marge legally separate, and he moves on to date Lena Dunham - and Marge goes on to date Lena Dunham's character's father. Drama ensues.

Did you know the Simpsons have been around for 27 years?

We've all literally grown up with the Simpsons. What were we even DOING 27 years ago?

(Show of hands: How many of you weren't even born yet?)
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no, we didn't have tv
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@petname83 Do you feel like that was an advantage growing up? I'm always curious about little differences like that.
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@danidee well, I listened to the radio and used my imagination. needless to say, I'm really good at keeping myself amused without doing anything at all and listening to music is like breathing to me. going through school, the auto-daydreaming did cause some problems, but I was reading and writing at a college level before jr. high. when we did get a tv.....I'm now a total addict. so, I think maybe balance is better
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@danidee Probably American Dad. Metalocalypse needs to come back lol
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