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Hello my fellow Royal Family! Its your Wonjun or One Junn supporter. I'll be in charge of Wonjun Wednesdays. This is the first card for Wonjun, our beloved leader. For the first card, I plan to do an appreciation one.
Name: Jo One Junn Stage Name: Wonjun Birthday: November 22, 1988 Horoscope: Sagittarius ♐ Height: 179cm Weight: 61kg Blood type: AB Position: Leader and Vocalist Twitter: @BoysRepublic_Oj
Here is some interesting facts about beloved leader One Junn. - His nicknames are Glutton member, Glutton Leader, and Ajusshi Leader. - He's the one who eats the most in the group. (which is hard to believe because how fit he is.) -Even though he's the leader, he likes teasing his fellow members. -He can imitate a Jazz singer -He participated in the 2014 Idol Olympics with other members. He was goalkeeper in the soccer competition. He even scored a goal. (GOOOAL!!!) -He's a One Direction Fan (I know! I'm so shock about this ) -He's favorite girl group is Girls Day. He's been a fan since the Expect Era -He likes composing and arranging music. He has the most compassionate nature in music from the group. -he likes home cooked meals. Wonjun's ideal type: A girl that is pretty, kind and has a refreshing smile.
Wonjun wants to be Korea's number one entertainer. He wants to try acting, musicals, composing and writing songs, MC, and still be in a boy band. He should also go for modeling. I mean look at him. Well! This was an appreciation for Wonjun. I hope you learn a little more about our beloved leader, as I did.
I love his voice so much! He is one of my favorites. Its really soothing
@QueenLee yes I find that true myself. He has a very bright future ahead of him.❀