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Dedicated to Jooheon Team @IsoldaPazo *smirk*
“We’re gonna Fly~~” You sung as the rest of your members danced around you. You and your group were scheduled to have a boy group performance for the coming week. The company was nice enough to give you guys freedom to choose the song. You personally wanted to do a Monsta X song seeing how your boyfriend was in the group and your group was familiar with their performances. But your leader and main choreographer decided it would be better if you guys did GOT7’s Fly. She says it’s because “the song expresses your guy’s freeness”. You personally think it’s because she has the hots for their leader, JB.
“Alright everyone, take 5!” Minhee, your leader, said as she sprinted for the water fountain. Everyone else followed suit, leaving you in the dance room alone. You stood in front of the mirror and re-sung your heart out. You were assigned Junior’s part and it was a little difficult for you to do his notes on top of the rigorous dancing.
You were so immersed in your singing that you didn’t here someone come in.
“What are you singing?”
You turned around, grabbing your heart in fright. You relaxed after seeing it was only Jooheon, your beloved boyfriend.
“I heard you guys are doing a boy group performance. Do you have Kihyun’s part in Hero? I can ask him if you need any help.” He said as he pulled you into a hug
You paused. You didn’t want to disappoint him by breaking it to him that you guys weren’t going to perform a Monsta X song. He stood there waiting for an answer.
“Actually…” You bit your lip. Before you could finally say it, Minhee and the others walked in.
“Jooheon oppa! Are here to visit _______? She’s working really hard, but we don’t want to spoil our performance! You have to watch it live with the others.” She pushed him out of the practice room, much to his dismay.
The day of the performance finally came. You tried your best to hide the song choice from Jooheon to the best to your ability. Every time he was at home with you, he would always try to ask and hope you would accidentally let the song choice slip. Monsta X was also there to perform their comeback, so Jooheon was able to see the performance up close and personal.
“That’s a little different from what we wore for our performance, but it looks great!” He was referring to your loose letter jacket and baseball cap. He managed to escape backstage to your waiting room to wish you luck before taking his seat in the audience.
“Alright girls! Let’s do this!” Minhee gathered the rest of you and cheered before going on stage.
“Let’s get ready to Fly with the special performance by Starship’s newest girl group,PinkPunk!” The MC’s announced. The 7 of you rushed onto the stage and took your position.
“Eh eh. Oh~ oh. Oh~ oh. I wanna fly wanna fly with you. Ohehyo.”
You tried your best not to look straight at Jooheon’s stone expression (even going as far as looking at Wonho who was sitting next to him) instead. Everything went smoothly but as you hit the last pose, you tried to look for Jooheon, only to see his seat empty.
After the performance, you tried to look for Jooheon backstage, but he was no where to be seen. You asked Shownu about him and he told you that Jooheon went straight home after schedules. Home could be one of two things: your house or his dorm… You decided to head to your house first, hoping he was there.
“Jooheon? Babe?” You called out as you kicked your shoes off. You noticed a pair of familiar sneakers on the ground and sighed in relief. At least he was here.
You called out once again but there was still no answer. You noticed the door to your bedroom was cracked opened so you took a peak inside to see Jooheon sprawled across the bed face down. From the looks of it, he was still in his stage attire.
“Jooheony? Please talk to me.”
“I’m sorry for not trying hard enough to convince Minhee. I didn’t want to disappoint you, but she was firm with her decision. And a certain someone told me that she liked JB, so for the sake of her, I gave in. Please understand.” You nudged his shoulder a little bit, but there was still no replay. You took a closer look at his face and finally saw that he had fallen asleep. No wonder why he wasn’t answering.
“Jooheon.” You whispered.
“Wake up.”
“Babe. Do you want coffee?”
You couldn’t help but smile looking at him so you decided to give him a big hug, draping your body on him and cradling his head in your arms. He finally opened his eyes to see you smiling back at him.
“I’m still angry you know.” He said as he turned the other way, making you let go of him.
“But I did a good job today, didn’t I?” You puppy-faced.
You took the silence as a cold shoulder so you went back outside to make him a cup of coffee like you promised.
You hummed along to a random song as you prepared his coffee. You secretly hoped he would come out of the bedroom so you could explain, and surely enough, he came up from behind and hugged you. He placed his chin on top of your head and kissed you lightly.
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” He asked.
“I knew you were going to act like this.” You answered. “Don’t you think I tried hard to fight to perform a Monsta X song? I even got our poor maknae to turn against our leader so she could take my side.”
“Fine. Next time though, you guys are performing our song whether you like it or not.” He took the coffee you prepared and took a sip. “You looked amazing performing by the way. I didn’t leave early because I was mad, I left early because I had a schedule and came home right after.”
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd that's it....................LOVE MY GENIUS FWEND *smirk*
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