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Jooheon is so popular with many other idols ( including his own members) but also just so hot and oddly adorable... decisions, decisions....
If he was your boyfriend he would always make sure to treat you right!
Skype sessions...
every night before a big show, just to show you how much he likes you !
Judges your bad decisions, everyone needs that right?
still judging you lol
Regardless, he will put up a fight for you and will protect you from anyone and anything.
he knows how much you love when he cute, he will do this when he wants something done =)... okey yes you can have it!

remains his hot ass self after he gets what he wants.

just imagine the first kiss!! okay so now... to be him....

1st most importantly! being loved by Jackson freaking wang!!! I mean.... yassss!!!
when you throw a tantrum people just love you! it's like they are scared of you! jk they just know how soft and swishy you are inside. *kiss* better?
you get to rap with the coolest people ever!
sometimes even just you know, hangout with them! * I love my job*
someone always has you back no matter what
woah woah! whats this? I'll tell you.. it's another reason to be Jooheon!
as much as I want to date him, I'm equally jealous of him... *drools* can I have some too?

Everyone loves Jooheon!

sooo? this is my plea, the evidence I bring before you is legit... what's your decision? to date him or to be him? TEAM JOOHONEYS β™‘ @SimplyAwkward @Sammie99522 @TerraToyaSi @resavalencia @Miichi @twistedPuppy @mszmarclyne93 @JaxomB @xxchicharitoxx @BEAUTY1MONBEBE2 @MrsJungHoseok @Hanachan2486 the Monsta X mods: @JohnEvans @PrettieeEmm @VatcheeAfandi99 @VKookie47 @BBxGD @IsoldaPazo
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thank you!! @Miichi
I think I'd rather date him..you made him sound like such a great boyfriend! πŸ˜™
@JamiMilsap I just don't know... I'm glad I made him a great bf but I'm not sure which is better.. I mean, Jackson could love me lol
@Miichi 😁😁😁