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Dedicated to Kihyun Team @swarrier16
“Hey, meet me at the park at 7 tonight.” That was the last message you got from Kihyun. You weren’t totally sure why he wanted to see you so late, but the man gets what the man wants. It’s not like you had much to do anyway. Sure, you had an exam coming up, but you would much rather see Kihyun than study for it. Plus, you were hoping for this little meet up to be a park date of the sort.
Kihyun knew you loved the park. That was where he met you. That fateful day, he was trying to chase his younger sister and she ended up running straight into you. He told you that he should buy you lunch for ruining your pants. That was how the two of you ended up getting to know each other. Kihyun knew you were a simple girl who would rather lay in the grass than to party on the weekends, so he knew this park was going to be the perfect place to propose to you.
You liked to arrive early to dates, so you headed out at 6:30, arriving at the park at 6:45. You sat yourself on the swing, but noticed a little boy standing alone in the distant. He was looking around cluelessly and honestly looked a little lost. You got up from your seat and walked over to him.
“Are you okay there? I’m ______. What’s your name sweetie?” You asked.
“I’m Choi Daewon. I don’t know where my mommy went.” He frowned.
“Oh. Did she not tell you? Do you know her phone number so I can call her for you?”
The boy shook his head. You didn’t want to leave him alone and it was also getting dark outside. “How about you come play with noona and we can both wait for your mom. Is that okay? I can push you on the swings or we can play in the sand box.” You put your hand out for him. He took your hand and lead you to the swing. You were quite relieved that we was willing to stay by your side. At least you know he’d be safe with you.
He got onto the swing and let you push him. After one push, you felt someone hug your waist, startling you.
“Hey babe!” Kihyun pecked you on the cheek. “Who’s this?”
“This is Daewon. His mother left him alone at the park, so I decided to wait for her with him.” You explained. “Daewon-ah. This is my friend, Kihyun. He’s going to wait with us, okay?”
Daewon nodded as he went higher on the swing. Kihyun took over with pushing him and let you rest on swing next to him.
The 3 of you left the swings and went onto the playground area to chase each other around. It was more of a tag game with you and Daewon vs Kihyun. Kihyun noticed your smiles and laughs every time you were with the little boy. He loved seeing you take care of him, even though you just met him.
“Daewon-ah!!!! Get over here!” You and Kihyun stopped what you guys were doing and looked over to where the voice came from. Daewon got down from the slide and ran to his mother. You and Kihyun ran after him.
“Are you Daewon’s mother?” You asked.
“Yes I am. I’m so sorry if he was bothering you two. I forgot to turn the stove off in my house, so I had to run back for a few minutes, but the I got side-tracked.” She explained.
“That’s fine. It was really fun playing with him, but you should probably bring him with you next time.” Kihyun said.
“Thank you hyung and noona for playing with me!” Daewon gave you and Kihyun a big hug before leaving with his mom.
“That was unexpected.” You commented. You looked at the time on your phone and was surprised about how much time you’ve spent at the park. “Oppa. We’ve been here for 2 hours!” You tried to tug Kihyun home, but he didn’t move when you tried to drag him. Instead he backed up from you a couple of steps.
“I didn’t think today would go like this. And now I am certain that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Seeing how much fun you had today over the simplest of things made me love you even more.” He took a small box from his pocket and got down on one knee. “________. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife and the mother of my children?”
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