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Meanest football player ever...
damn... talk about wrong place, wrong time.
@BlackMage What I read in an article "So naturally someone tracked him down this morning to find out how he's doing and what his story is. Ryan Brown works for the Giants, so he can't sue, but he's a video intern so he can't get workman's comp either. But that's okay, he's doing well and thanks you for your concern. When Boley found out about the facesmashery (he missed it at the time), he sought out Brown and gave him a big hug. "What's the saying? Act like you've been there before," Boley joked after the game. "I got caught up in the moment." Yeah. He didn't know. Had no idea. He was standing like...right there.
Ahahaha oh god XDD that was the best XDD
@takashi02 I don't think there is actually a penalty for hurting others. But he may have been fined by the league haha.
wow this is so messed up. Did he get penalized for that?
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