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(100% SPOILERS FREE) Summer's here and that means anime binge-a-thons. As I watch more I'll on here and I currently have another one to do but let's get started. What is Re:Zero? It's a bit like Dark Souls, you're fighting bad guys, getting stronger and better with experience, and every time you die you want to scream until you pass out. Our story takes place in a parallel world Natsuki Subaru is randomly dropped into after going on a junk food run. Here arises my first problem. How in the @$&# does one blink their eyes and POOF here we are! I mean, I get it Subaru is like "Yay I get a new start in life" but WHY? We get no background on him other than the fact he's a no good slacker. Now don't get me wrong, I freakin' LOVE this show, but there seem to be places where the creators skimped on their budget. Oh but they didn't do it on combat, and certainly plot. To keep away spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched it, I'll stop there. All in all, I'm very eager to see where they go with this. 4.5/5 Also Puck is cute, there, I said it. Kudos on reading this far down to find this. Have a cookie.
I love this show!!! I'm up to date on it XD so good imo. I can see where there's room for improvement but every show could improve some!
@hikaymm Lol I'm on E13. I WOULD be caught up, but I discovered Ushio and Tora and stuff happened.
@Arrines Totally understand XD I'm thinking of skippin g a few weeks so then I can binge a few eps!
@hikaymm Yeah same. I've got to wait longer, I've got free Crunchyroll lol