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This story was written for me from my best friend. I currently don't have anywhere to place it, so I decided to post it. Written by my best friend Edited by me

Don't hate on me for posting this. (:

Her hands grasped mine in a way that sent little shocks through my fingers, making me feel giddy and happier than I had in days. The familiarity of her touch ignited a fire in my soul that was always burning brightly for her, on her name. Looking at the stupid grin on her face as we ran, all I could think about was how my lungs weren't burning because I was running, but because she was taking my breath away all by herself. "Michelle, you can stare all you want when we're finished running for our lives, okay?!" Amber laughed as we ran even faster, our legs pushing us further and further into the street. "Come back you wretched girls!" I heard faintly, the sound of our feet leaving it behind. Amber being Amber, decided to start a cupcake fight with me in the store and soon it led to the manager chasing us out with brooms...until he realized we hadn't paid yet. And as we ran and ran, and I looked at Amber, her short hair blowing fiercely in the wind, I decided right then and there, I had never felt so free. She was my escape from everything bad in the world, and having her in my life really made things so much better. Without her in my life, I'd feel lost. Soon, we stopped at the park, our hands on our knees with our heads bowed, trying to catch our breaths in between strangled laughter. The sunset shined dimly above us, surrounding the park with a beautiful pink/golden hue. "This is NOT how I envisioned our first date, Berry!" I said as I laid down on the grass, breathing freely. Behind me, I hear a melodic chuckle and my head turned in awe as I noticed my beautiful girlfriend sit beside me. Taking my hand, she looked into my eyes. "It wasn't?" She said with that lopsided amused grin I loved so much. "N-no.." I slightly felt out of breath again. Amber leaned forward and softly brushed her lips on my ear. "You love me though," she whispered tentatively. Shivering, I pushed her away. "Shoo, you creep. We could've died!" Laughing again, Berry shook her head. "Ahh, always the dramatic one, my baby." I tried my best to glare at her, knowing I was failing miserably. "Do not baby me!" Amber chuckled once more and stood, suddenly running off into the back part of the park. I rolled my eyes and stood up, whining. "Ammbberrr c'mon we just..." I looked down at my feet and noticed a little note held in place by a shell. On it the words 'open me' stared back at me. I reached down for it, smiling as I instantly recognized my girlfriend's handwriting. Opening it, I smiled at the lone two sentences. "Follow the shells, MYSHELL. Haha get it cause Michelle?" Shaking my head, I laughed softly. "Idiot." My eyes roamed the ground and I found a little trail of shells leading to the small duck lake behind the trees. Picking up each shell, I kept a huge smile on my cheeks, a feeling of delight sweeping over me. What was this girl up to? Finally, when I got to the last shell, a gasp flew out of my lips. All the shells fell out of my arms as my hands flew to cover my lips. "Oh Amber..." The lake was illuminated by flickering candles, reflecting on it and making it seem like the water was filled with diamonds. Tears filled my eyes as I watched Amber light the last candle. Set on the far side of it, was a red blanket with a small picnic set up on it. I walked slowly to it, the soft melody of 'Falling In Love With You." engulfing me with warmth. My eyes met Amber's and I looked up at her as her soft brown tendrils fell into her eyes. Her eyes...they held galaxies and my heart as she stared at me. On her hand, a single black rose. "Michelle..." "A...amber ? Wh..what is this?" She looked up at me as she slowly took my hands and knelt down. Placing the rose in my hand, she smiled. "I would've given you a red one, but hell, you're special. You deserve something unique. Like yourself. This is our first date, things shouldn't travel this fast." "But..we're childhood best friends and...our first loves. I've been in love with you for as long as I can remember and I've been able to call you my girlfriend for 4 years now but....we never actually had a first date because I thought they were lame, haha. But..that's not my point." She cleared her throat and blushed profusely. "That time, playing in the playground...when we were 11, remember how we fell into the mud because we ran too fast after stirring trouble? Well, that day, as you laughed and as your hair blew in the wind with mud on your face...hell, I was lost. You looked so beautiful. And I KNEW. I knew i wanted to be with you for the rest of my life." Tears fell out of my cheeks as I realized this was why Amber got us kicked out. She wanted to relive our memory. Her memory. "So I did this...because it was just like this that i realized I was madly in love with you." "Still am..." My hands went to my mouth once more and the tears turned to a cry of disbelief as she brought out a small black box. In it, was a beautiful ring. Her hands shook as she brought it up to me and whispered.. "Will you marry me?"
I kept laughing at Amber's joke😂😂😂 MYSHELL😂😂
Legit have the biggest crush on her XD ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍💞💞💞
@yaya12 so did I 😂😂
@HerosBells She's my female UB as well!! @yaya12 You gotta love her though! 😂😂
@Izzy987 Same here! She is so beautiful!
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