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This is not meant to start arguments and I'm not attacking the artists I am using as examples - this is just to start a civil discussion :)

The girls from BLACKPINK (YG's new girl group) released a dance practice video and netizens all over (really, I'm not talking about Vinglers, the whole k-entertainment internet is talking about this..) are saying they're unoriginal and just a 2NE1 copy.

But did we talk that way about boy groups?

Isn't iKon very, very similar to Big Bang?

***again this is just an example, since BLACKPINK and 2NE1 are also YG groups, why not compare two other similar YG groups....***

Why is BLACKPINK a 2NE1 rip off? Why is Red Velvet a Sistar rip off? Why is Gfriend an A Pink rip off?

(and honestly, maybe they are...there is only so much originality that can come in the pop world, pop literally is for popular music so what is popular is what sells, why not go with the trends?)

Yes there were groups getting slack for "copying EXO" but really it didn't affect them that much, if anything it just got them more attention!

(for example, UP10TION got a lot of crap for being "EXO rip offs" but look at them now, no one cares!)
Even VAV with their VIXX conspiracy (they used the same MV set, colored contacts, hair colors, and very similar choreo in their debut song as VIXX's On and On) didn't really get any negativity, just better press!

But with girl groups, being compared to another group means they'll immediately get anti-fans and that's just not fair :/

Do you think that netizens judge girl groups more harshly than boy groups?

If yes, why?

******again I'm not attacking the groups I used as examples, I'm just wondering if anyone else sees the difference in how we judge groups*****
honestly because K-pop had mostly girls as fans they're gonna be more judgemental. girl groups are often forced to be "sexy" in order to gain popularity. this gains male attention which irritates other women which is why many are quick to judge. males expect the "sexy" (usually trashy) and this gives girls bad reputation and low self esteem. not to mention boy groups do a lot of fan service. (especially exo) this kinda makes girls crazy. as for groups copying I believe that's overdoing it. there can only be so many dances and songs. saying other groups are completely copying is like saying Katy Perry is copying Beyonce because they both sing pop music.
Personally I prefer boy groups over girl groups. I do think that girl groups are treated more harshly because its a way to keep them down. I think its wrong because they work just as hard as boys.
And, I'mma be honest here....I kinda want them to be like 2NE1....
I feel like females (not just idols and all) get judged by everything. So I do feel like females get judged more than males. But, I feel like it's the other females that judge you the hardest. Although males do judge females as well. Like, say I male had sex with a female and started talking about it with people, people won't care about the boy, they would jump straight to the girl and start hating on her. I'm saying a boy could do something, and hardly get any hate, but when I girl does the same thing, she'd get a lot of hate. I'mma give an example, so I say this long boarding video on YouTube, a girl had done it, and she was amazing with it and she was even better than most of the boys she passed, but I looked at the comments reading things 'it was fake' or 'she's ugly' or things like that, and I was just like, haters....And I bet, if a boy was doing that, they won't get as much hate as that girl. But, I just want to say this. Both male and female will get hate on by either gender, but I feel like they hate on females more than they do on males, because society is just so fucked up these days...
so that being said girls need more love and support!!!....i mean i know us girls mainly go crazy for the boys because why not there hot, talented, and have amazing personalities. But I've come to notice that so do the girls. there talented, pretty,sensitive, hyper,(just like the boys). And some Kpop fans don't listen to the girl groups because of jealousy. Seeing them with there bias, they start to throw so much hate towards that girl. When they don't really know her, she could be the sweetest person ever but they would never know because why? people judging.
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