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Don't forget nakama! Post all your One Piece posts in the One Piece community!! @LuffyNewman @ChrisStephens @HunnaBallue Along with myself would all love to see the support!!!! ❀️❀️, your navigator One piece is love One Piece is life
I can't help but admire the amount of detail that went into this... like the dead Sanji in the back ground.... its the little things
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poor sanji chopper cant save you now.
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Beautiful personality and a crazy beautiful attitude. Don't get in the way of her money haha!! The this crazy captain and the crew would be lost without you!! Especially Zoro haha @ChrisStephens haha You agree @HunnaBallue @DevilsSon ?? Haha we all make it work, Best Crew Ever
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@LuffyNewman i agree 100% best navigator ever
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