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Lol the title is new intro bc like everyone I am pretty sure I made an intro card when I first joined vingle but I don't think I said very much about myself or how I was introduced to kpop. I think that as I become more active in the communities and vingle in general and make more acquaintances and/or friends that I want to show more about myself and maybe get a bit closer to everyone and maybe even meet some more people.... @MadAndrea @MandyNoona @Kpopandkimchi
Hello everyone, My name is Netch-ti Bates, most people just call me cheti bc my name is hard to pronounce, my family nickname is TiTi but for obvious reasons I wanted a different one for friends to call me so my best friend suggested cheti except she spells it without the e bc the way my name is spelled.... Lol that long intro of my name... anyway I just turned 20 this year and this will be only my 2nd year as an official kpopper so I am new considering everything I guess Lol
So my journey into kpop came towards the end of my high school senior year, for a long time I have been into anime, I read manga when I was in elementary bc we only really had books when I was growing up since we didn't have cable and we could either play outside or read, probably why I was reading college level by second grade Lol, I was the optimy of country kid and didn't really have much when it came to electronics except my cd player and our radio that me and my brothers shared in our room. I really was that kid obsessed with Harry Potter and manga and pretty much any fantasy book that could take me somewhere else. Well when I was 11 we moved to the city and all of it was so overwhelming, it took me a lot to get adjusted and I kind of default on to the things that I am more comfortable with bc I am in every way introverted and I just liked the idea of not being here.... so I stuck to manga and when we got tv, manga became anime and that's where I would be mostly, that or listening to music bc it helped calm me and made me feel better, so by the time I started high school I had found my best friend and we were already two years into our friendship and I was happier than when I first arrived in the city.... something I will always be grateful to her for 。^‿^。
Anyway sorry for that sidetrack probably more than you wanted to know reading this card but I feel like the importance I hold on music and my hobbies in general would be more understandable if I explained it.... so now skipping to my last year of high school, I was really into anime and traveling the world and learning new things and I wanted to learn how to speak new languages, it actually started bc I wanted to learn Spanish for my mom and then watching anime Japanese got added to the list, through anime I found my first addiction around a few months after my third brother was born, Taiwanese dramas, it started bc of the anime "skip beat", I was roaming around hulu and I decided to try it, it was ridiculous and I was dying inside half the time but for some reason I kept coming back to it, so of course when I finished it I was like that wasn't so bad and then I decided to try another one, "Just you" was my first real love for Taiwanese dramas and it just rolled on from there, so summer after graduation I came upon the Taiwanese drama "love around " and I fell in love with the soundtrack, it was the first time I had wanted to look up an ost for a drama, at that time my YouTube was still full of avril lavigne and bowling for soup or epic rap battles of history Lol, I looked into the ost and I found Bii, I fell in love with his music and he was my first idol crush and even though he is a Taiwanese artist he's part Korean so of course you can guess YouTube logic, started suggesting videos at first I ignored any suggestions that weren't Bii's music and just kept to that but then there's this one song I love from him that is in "love around" and it's a duet called "I will be by your side" with Miu Chu and it led me into cpop... ps JJ Lin is life just putting that out there >o<
So from there it was Bii and cpop and Taiwanese drama and I was good with just that for a bit and then hulu started suggesting some kdrama and I was already more open minded at this point bc of the way I got into Taiwanese drama so I believe my first ever kdrama was boys over flowers but the first drama I ever finished was actually Shinee minho's drama "to the beautiful you", I was in love with that drama and so then started my kdrama addiction, at this point I was still unaware of kpop in general and I swear I had no idea I was watching so many shows with actors that weren't actually actors but idols Lol, So of course I am on YouTube again listening to Bii and trying to find some more stuff to listen to and low and behold what pops up in my suggestion box....
Kpop... My first introduction was bigbang, shinee, and super junior Lol, the pictures are the exact songs that I listened to first for each group, at first I was like what on god's green earth did I just witness, and for a bit I was kind of weary about going back to it but as I listened to them more I realized I was getting into it Lol, So I just kept clicking the suggestion box and I found uniq "falling in love" and vixx "error" which was the first mv that actually made me catch feels, I literally shed tears watching the mv for the first time, So as you can guess as I started on my road into kpop I realized a lot of faces I had already seen and knew bc of kdrama and it was like omg yes I like you as an actor and now you are in my music too Lol.... So yea my journey into kpop was all over the place but I got here I am like so far into it that half the time I forget there was a time I didn't know anything about it, and yes it has inspired me to learn Korean and maybe even visit Korea one day, before the world destroys itself, but it also gave me a place to be, with my other loves in life I'm sure that there are ppl out there that share them but for whatever reasons communities like that are either hard to find or hard to be a part of, yet the moment I began being a part of the kpop community, I found new people and everyone has been really welcoming and it was refreshing and I was astonished at how this one thing could bring so many people together and I think that is the real reason I have stayed so thank you all for being so kind and letting be a part of this family 。^‿^。 사랑해요 여러분, 감사함니다!!
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Omg what an amazing story!! I feel you on so many levels too! I was the same way with manga, books, and anime in high school. That led me to JRock, which led me to Japanese movies, then J dramas (which I didn't really like much) then C dramas. my first one was "Meteor Garden" which is the Taiwanese version of BoF before the korean one came out. I fell in love then went to kdrama. my first one was My GF is a Gumiho. I loved it!!! By this time I had already been listening to TVXQ and DBSK not really knowing what it was until I put 2 and 2 together noticing the language. and I've been a kdrama fan since 2010. a full on Kpopper since 2008. (I was actually introduced to my first kpop song in 2000 though It just didn't click til later) so I totally understand where you're coming from. welcome to the Vingle fam!! hugs, Cheti!