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Having a bad day? No problem! This guy's beautiful and wonderful voice will save the day ;) (Plus, his quirkiness will make you smile ^^)
Let's start off with "I Wish" by M&D....this music video is absolutely adorable :D
Up next is "Close Ur Mouth"
The beautiful "Moon Crystal"...goodness gracious his voice... (/.\)
"Spring Day of My Life"...he looks so amazing!!!! Like, bro, that's not fair (>.<)
"Narcissus" from the SMSTATION ^^
he does not get to much recognition for his voice it's so lovely 😊😊
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Thank you! I love all of these!
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I loved all these songs there amazing I really like I wish and Spring day of my life
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I love Heechul! He's just awesome!
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