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I know right now its rough for you @BBxGD and you know were all here for you just stay strong and remember if you need me to I'll go kidnap gray for you (easier than getting gd right now)
the lord only gives you what he thinks you can handle its annoying that he thinks this is something you can handle but with every breath you take you ... is mental slap to him saying you got this and you will beat it.
@BBxGD *high pitched Latina voice* YOU CAN DOOO EEEET.
God only gives you what he KNOWS you can handle. We may not understand the reasons why now, but everything has a purpose. Sometimes the most beautiful things blossom from the worst tragedies, and without the bad, we forget to appreciate what's good in our lives. Now that I've said my piece, always and still praying for you, @BBxGD. God bless. 💜
Hwaiting! @BBxGD we love you!
@BBxGD As always you're in my thoughts & prayers, sending strength & love your way. ❤💪🙏
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