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Hello Babies!

It's Wednesday and that means I get to share with you this lovable muffin.

Since it's the first Youngjae Day of the quarter, I will be doing a sort of introduction to him in order to help those less familiar get better acquainted.

Let's start with the basics, shall we?

Name: Yoo Youngjae 유영재 Nickname: He doesn't have a special one but has said we can call him whatever we think of when we look at him. (Don't worry JaeJae, I have plenty of nicknames for you). Birthdate: January 24th, 1994 Height: 178cm (5'8") Weight: 65kg (143lbs) Blood Type: AB Hometown: Seoul, South Korea Family: Parents, Older Brother Position: Lead Vocalist His Matoki (the alien bunny mascot) is Joko Mato and his Matoki color is yellow.

He was originally a trainee at JYP after placing first at the JYP auditions, but left the company after a year. Later, a friend introduced him to TS Entertainment where he trained for a year prior to debuting as a member of B.A.P. He has said that his life as a trainee wasn't particularly hard but rather he felt a responsibility to hone his abilities. He was selected as B.A.P's representing vocals during training and felt a lot of pressure as a result. When Daehyun joined the group, he was able to share the vocal responsibilities and that helped relieve the pressure, allowing Youngjae to pursue the kind of vocals he wanted to do.

Hobbies: Listening to music, sleeping. Personality: Gentle but sometimes has mood swings. Role Model: Jay Park and Musiq Soulchild. Usual Fashion Style: Clean Hip Hop Bad Habit: Biting his nails Favorite Food: Meat Favorite Type of Music: R&B, Neo Soul Favorite Color: Sky blue Favorite Number: 10

Youngjae loves sleeping. A lot. He's always the last one up and this usually makes him fall behind schedule and causes him to be late.

He's considered the "Brains" of the group as he scored 90% in his classes while in school. He's also meticulous and detailed oriented in every facet of his life, responsible and is well-spoken and articulate.

As a child, he loved playing video games and wanted to be a professional gamer when he grew up. However, he fell in love with music after entering high school and decided to pursue that as it had quickly become his passion.

When he's really happy, he tends to overreact and ends up hitting people out of excitement. For whatever reason, Jongup tends to be the member who gets hit when this happen and he's said it can be painful. He doesn't have an ideal type but he likes beautiful eyes. He's not the jealous or possessive type but he prefers if his girlfriend doesn't wear revealing clothing.

He's closest with Daehyun and their friendship is super cute.

Youngjae used to be a dancer for SECRET and was in the music videos for "Shy Boy" and "Starlight Moonlight".

He trained alongside JJ Project while at JYP and has remained close with them.

Personal Quotes:

"Since we are artists, when I'm up on the stage and see all the fans cheering for me, I can gain the strength to realize my dream. I can then possess the strength and the courage." "If you see someone who looks kind and feels like the friend from next door, thats me, Youngjae. Although my visuals arent outstanding from the group, i have friendly charms that you would receive from your friends. Actually, Daehyun totally gets me. Thats why Ive been systematically trying to drive him away. His personal motto is Starting is half the battle.

I hope you enjoyed meeting this precious creature as much as I enjoyed introducing him to you.

Please look forward to Youngjae Wednesdays in future weeks.

my bias for a reason!!! I love my UB!!!
@RoseArgueta I most certainly will. He is in good hands.
Pleasr take very good care of him, even though I know you will. It might mean a lot more competition coming ahead, but it's okay 😂😂😂
i really enjoyed you muffin/beautiful red hat book face suspenders in a green beret boy. I learned a lot about him. thank you 언니
@RoseArgueta I'm so happy you enjoyed the card. He is super precious and he easily won me over. He definitely doesn't seem to get much recognition or representation and there is almost no Youngjae love here on Vingle. I plan to change that. I jumped at the chance to represent him for the community and if I do my job well, others will see what we see and have no choice but to love him too.
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