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How Cats Came To Earth

Do you feel like you're a slave to your cat?

Sometimes when I see my sister take care of her cat, I wonder who's supposed to be owning who. I mean, do you think cats actively know that you're their 'master' or do they actually think they're the 'master' of you?
@danidee Lol he was little and didn't know how sharp his claws were, so if he wanted to play, he'd claw you and bite you like he would with his siblings. The first year I got him, my lower body was covered with old and fresh scratch marks, and those little teeth were like puncture needles... Now he's older, it's much better, I think we've reached an agreement that we both comfortable with :)
cats are aliens yep I would agree and they conquor all. read the book the cat manual. amazing
I knew it, cats were from other planet! They are cuddly, lovable, sensitive and strange creatures. My cat used to show his affection in a rather strange way, like one sec he's snuggling up to you and next thing you know he's carving bloody art on your leg. Or he'd drop all of his awesome weight onto my face at 4am and meowing sweetly at me for no apparent reason. At first I was confused, stared at him like an alien and he'd stared back looking confused too. But once I taught him the rules, I think he started to see that we humans are fragile and it's better to play by our rules. So I don't think I'm a slave to my cat, we are like good room mates lol.
Oh no not just my bed either with my parents bed and my Siberian tiger plush too @danidee
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