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Let's Play: ~Romance~ Your Profile Pic!

It's time for some more Funny Community Fun & Gamez!

You and your profile pic are going on a blind date - how will you get them to like you?

Look at your profile picture. Is it your cat? Is it your favorite anime character or K-Pop idol? Maybe it's even a pic of YOU.


Do you think you have what it takes to charm them? What would your date's weakness be? Do you know their ideal type? What kind of date location would work to your advantage?

Here's how you play:

1. Get creative. (You don't have to necessarily MARRY them. Just win them over!)
2. Share your strategy below.
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Technically there is two people in my profile pic. But I know one way to get to Stiles. Two words. Star. Wars. Movie night and McDonalds would be the perfect date. Derek the sour wolf however will be a bit harder. But I'm sure a training session and just some time to relax would be enough to count as a date. And maybe coffee in the morning for good measure.
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well me and myself hate each other so I will not be shipping that train. -psst- she's evil! evil I tell you!
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My profile pic is Seyoung. He's a goofball, so I feel that If I just be my normal self, then that would be the best way. After dinner we'd probably walk along the Han River, since that's his favorite place to go at night. ♡ We'd get icecream and talk while making each other laugh
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😆 I would just be nice. I love my profile picture.
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well my pic is me sooooo I JUST GOTTA DO ME
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