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Omg, Suga Is So Cute! 😍😍
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why is he so shy this time? its not like their dances havent had thrusts before haha
a year ago·Reply
@MirandaStephens it was probably because he was singled out lol idk
a year ago·Reply
oh okay i didnt realize he was only one who did V move haha. that makes sense though i was just like "since when is suga shy?!"
a year ago·Reply
@MirandaStephens idk lol it looks like they all did it, but suga gets embarrassed a lot. he's even said himself that he's unexpectedly shy. https://youtu.be/zZjw-RYQ7AY
a year ago·Reply
@MirandaStephens but V does just kind of move out of the way 😁
a year ago·Reply