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I might be a bit late guys, but like this music video oh my gods of kpop this song is so hype! It kind of feels like a combination of Fire from BTS and Monster from EXO ((Don't know if any of you are getting that feeling)) anyways as some of you already know or for you new kpoppers visiting my cards you might notice I love to know your reaction to these music videos so let's get started!

The "Oh no I'm dying I am barely recovering" Reaction

The "Oh my yesss oppas love me" Reaction

The "Whaaa no one told me about this why not!?" Reaction

The "Good old fashioned Fangirl" Reaction


And last, but not least The "My little fangirl heart ahhh so hot whhhyyy" Reaction

Tell me how you reacted to this MV! Follow my collections if you are interested in them and maybe even we can be fangirl friends yay! Trust me when I was alerted of this MV I was eating XD

If you want to tagged or removed from my tag list let me know in the comments while you let me know which reaction you had ^•^

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