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“So because you had a good time does this mean I don’t have to do the dishes or laundry for 3 weeks?” I said smiling at Jenni. “Why do you think that?” “Because the only reason I said I’d do them was because you really didn’t want to go. I think since you ended up crushing hard on Mark I shouldn’t have to do it anymore.” “But we made a deal” I knew Jenni didn’t want to do the Laundry or the dishes, we both didn’t like them but had to. “How about this I’ll do them for a week and a half.” “But… I don’t want to do them.” “Well then, I guess I’ll just hang out with Mark without you.” I said trying to get a good reaction out of her. “You wouldn’t dare!” she said causing me to laugh. “Oh I would.” “Well good thing I have his number so go ahead and try.” I smiled and text junior to give me marks number. Thankfully he didn’t ask why I wanted it and sent it to me. I called him and just stared at Jenni. “Hello?” “Hey Mark it’s (Y/N)” “Hey what’s up?” “What are you doing tomorrow?” “Nothing as of right now why?” “Wanna hang out?” “Just us?” “Sure why not, I mean if its weird you can say no.” “No its cool we should be friends since we are probably going to be seeing a lot of each other. “ He laughed. “Yea that what I was thinking! So lets do something fun.” “Ok like what?” “I don’t know, lets brainstorm over it and text each other when we have a good idea.” “Ok, hey before we hang up I have a question to ask.” “What’s that?” I smiled and looked at Jenni. She was messing with some stuff on the counter. “ Did Jenni say anything about me?” “Oh that’s all? Yes she did, but I’ll tell you all you want to know about Jenni tomorrow ok?” “Ok” “Alright Mark I’ll talk to you later.” “Bye” We hung up and I just smiled dumbly at Jenni. “You aren’t going to tell him anything bad are you?” “Hmm I don’t know. I mean if he asks me something I’m not going to lie to him, that would be rude to him since we are trying to be friends.” “Fine only a week and a half.” She caved! I jumped up and down. “Alright I’ll make sure not to say anything bad or anything you should be telling him. Ok?” “Ok.” I can’t believe I actually got her to do what I wanted, that never happens. I really need to thank Mark for grabbing her attention. I walked up to my room. *Ding* Junior: Hey so Why did you want Marks number? Me: Just to be friends Junior: Really? Me: Really, I found a way to get Jenni to do what I want and Mark was that way. Lol Junior: So your using my friend to gain something from your friend? Me: When you say it like that it sounds bad. I just didn’t want to do dishes and Laundry for 3 weeks when she enjoyed her self and I only made the deal when she didn’t want to go. Junior: Still do you think you did that the right way? Me: Why do you have to make me feel bad. L Junior: I’m sorry but you do have a conscience. Me: What are you doing right now? Junior: Nothing Me: Wanna go on a walk. Its nice out and I don’t really want to go by myself. Junior: But I don’t live right by you, will you wait till I get to your house? Me: Yea. Junior: ok see you in a few. Me: Alright bye. I walked out of my room and over to Jenni’s room. “Jenni” I said knocking on her door “What (Y/N)” she said using her foot to open the door. “I’m sorry I guess I handled that wrong.” “Dude its ok, I’d do it to you too.” “Ok, Junior kind of made me feel bad for what I did.” “Ha well good, but he doesn’t know our friendship so from his perspective it was mean, from my perspective it was our friendly way of showing we love each other.” “Ok but still I’m sorry. I just really didn’t want to be stuck doing the dishes and laundry all by myself.” “I know we both hate it. We just need to get a maid to do it for us.” She laughed “Yea I’ll go look for one now.” I smiled and walked out of the doorway. “Wait (y/n) there is no way you are doing that now its 11 at night.” “I know I’m going to ask Junior if he knows anyone.” “Oh I see….. Have fun.” She laughed and shut her door as I ran out the front door to wait for Junior on the front step. Within a few minutes he was there. We were walking for a few minutes, I was going to the park because it was dark over there and easy to see the stars. “(Y/N)” I turned to look at Junior. “yea?” “Would you ever think about dating me?” “What?” “I mean, I don’t mean right now or anything I was just wondering because we have had a good time together and heck were back to each other after only being apart for a few hours…and and..” “Junior calm down. You’re right I had a great time with you today and I really didn’t want it to end, but it did. And that is why we are back here.” “So are you willing to go on a date with just me?” “No double date?” I asked “No double date.” He confirmed “Yes, I would love too.” “Are you free tomorrow?” he asked “Actually No, I’m going to hang out with Mark tomorrow.” “Mark?” “Yea we both figured we should hangout and become friends since we will be seeing a lot of each other.” “Why do you say that?” “Well if him and Jenni start dating then of course that’s how….but I’m sure he was thinking about how me and you are hanging out.” “Ahh I see.” “Come on!” I said taking off towards the swings. I didn’t want to stand anymore and of course swings are the best. I sat down and started pumping, going higher and higher. He got on the swing next to me. “Hey before I forget again, My grandma’s birthday is next week and we are having a big celebration and I’d like it if you came, she really does like you a lot.” “Of course I’ll be there just make sure I get the details.” “Ok, that’s the easy part.” “Are you going to not text me for a few days?” I asked slowing down so I wasn’t screaming as I went past him. “Why do you ask that?” “Because that’s what you did after we started talking, You didn’t talk to me for like 3 days.” “Oh… I was busy and I also didn’t want to creep you out with how much I can text when I like someone.” I could feel my face getting red with that statement. Thank god it was dark out. “Well don’t worry about that, I think it be hard to creep me out. Jenni and I are really weird and we try to see how far we can go until one of us says that the other is making it awkward. We stayed at the park for a good while and then he walked me home and this time we said goodbye for real.
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I love your writing! Please tag me on all your stories. I've become your fan😊
Ha!ha!ha! Almighty huh !
Thank you very much Sarah . Appreciate it !
Sarah ! Please tag me for all the stories.
@SweetDuella he tech. only asked for another date...which will lead to a nice asking to be girlfriend thing lol....but I wonder how mark and Jenni are going to be?
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