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As I already mentioned, this mystery group has one member who used to be in Mr.Mr, Gitaek.

To be honest, he's the only reason I know anything about this group!

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He was the maknae and second main vocalist for MR.MR (he was called "Ryu") but left the group due to a lot of issues like payment, not being able to have friends or a gf outside of the company, and being physically beaten by his manager.

He then joined PH Entertainment and trained to be in this new group, which still hasn't released any info about their name!

It seems like he's still on good terms with Changjae, Doyeon, and Jin from MR.MR (but not with Tey, and I could talk forever about how I don't like Tey but this card is about GITAEK!)

Here are a few examples of his voice in MR.MR.

I could listen to this on repeat for hours. His voice is SO crisp and lovely :3

This is one of my favorite MR.MR songs...Gitaek has the bright blonde hair :D

He's the blonde at 0:30 and totally carries the song, this was MR.MR's debut song!

He's the one with the pink hair this time and looks so happy and cute in the performance!

Please give him lots of love!

He's so talented and been through a lot so I'd love to see his group finally see success :3

Tagging all my lovelies~ let me know if you'd like updates on this group too!
@elli2k15 the company built the group around him so he was given all the lines, all the solos, all the airtime, and he wasn't super nice to the other members (because they were treated basically as his back up singers) He was usually okay to fans, but would consistently interrupt other members during shows if he wanted the spotlight back :/
Is it just me? Or does he have Suga's eyes and Bambam's nose on the first pic?😂😂 Was I just seeing things?
It's not just you! I see it too!
please keep me updated on this group I'd love to know more about them
what happened with tey?
@kpopandkimchi Thank you!! He sounds like a brat
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