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Thanks to the joys of the Internet, I've seen some pretty ridiculous online petitions in my day.

We've tried changing the United States' national anthem to 'Ignition (Remix)' by R Kelly. We've tried convincing Neil Young to change his name to Neil Old (because let's be real - he's not getting any younger). But one particular wacky petition is actually catching on.

Yes, nearly 25,000 American citizens want fire ants to be officially referred to as 'spicy boys'.

According to the petition - which, when completed, will be formally delivered to US President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, it just seems like the right time for the world to make this change:

"It's 2016: There are 36 genders, [and] Beyblade might be a new Olympic sport. Why aren't we calling fire ants 'spicy boys'?"

The petition was started just about a week ago, and in 7 days' time, it's currently only 2,000 more signatures away from being finalized.

And did I mention the comment section is hilarious?

So what do you guys think?

Should we be renaming fire ants to 'spicy boys'? Do you prefer 'fire ants'? If the name actually DID change to 'spicy boys', would you even care?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more crazy but true news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection.
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I guess they solved world hunger, war, hate crimes, pollution and global warming, oh I forgot they have a new super fuel that falls from the sky right into our tanks that doesn't need and conversation kits for it to work. and now they are moving on to the last big world treat ant names. if we don't do some thing about this ants name they world will burn in fire ruled by giant fire ants we must change the name. some people need to go outside and see what's important.
I taught all ants were females so it should be spicy girls
or spice girls
@peeterock a colony mostly consist of females who do most of the work. males are smaller and have wings. once each year all the male ants come and fly around mating with females who happen to have wings. some of the females may go start a new colony. either way they one day mating allows them collect enough sperm to lay millions and millions of eggs.