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Thank you guys for liking my stories !! comment if you have any requests for a different story including a different member or members from a group you like :)
*This next part is later in the day* Your P.O.V The bell dismissing us from 5th period to lunch had just rang and I got a text from Lexi telling me to meet her at the cafeteria because she had saved us a table and I was thankful it was stressing me out so much in previous classes thinking about where I was going to eat lunch because I didn't want to eat in a uncomfortable small space. Once I found my way to Lexi we set our things down and got into the line which didn't take long because many people where still looking for a spot to sit. I had been listening to a cover of one of my favorite songs when I felt a small tap on my head I instinctively turned towards Lexi thinking she wanted to tell me something so I took out my head buds and she shrug and gave me that 'it wasn't me face' so like any other person I turend the other way and saw a person in a pink sweatshirt 'it's baekhyun' I told myself immediately. "Hi, did you miss me" he asked playfully while patting my head I looked at Lexi so that she would say something to make him leave but instead "do you want to have lunch with us?" she said fearlessly. "I thought you'd never" he said before putting a soon in his mouth to reach for napkins. I hadn't even noticed we were already done getting our lunches. we walked to the table together and he gave me his extra spoon I had forgotten to get one 'why does he make me feel like this?' I asked myself he was different he made time fly but at the same time it was like everything around us was frozen 'are you crazy Maria? you just met him' I tried to convince myself it was nothing but the feeling lingered. "do any of your friends have this lunch as well?" I asked to cut the awkward silence "YES! I forgot my friend Chanyeol has this lunch, I completely forgot" he said sounding a little disappointed in himself. 'huh... the feeling a mutual' I mumbled to myself. "What was that?" Lexi asked curiously "PINK! I like your pink sweatshirt" I said randomly "Thank you..?" Baekhyun replied he sounded confused yet surprised and he began to blush a little. "HAHAHA!! are they flirting with you hyung?" we heard a loud but bubbly voice say when we looked up we saw a tall good looking guy walking towards "W-who's he?" I asked openly "He is my best friend Chanyeol" Baekhyun said with a smile even cuter than i could have imagined after processing it a little I remembered that's the guys Lexi told me would be her future husband during gym I look at her and she was burning red and If she was wishing he'd sit next to her she got her wish granted although I doubt she wanted him there because as soon as he sat down her face went from light red to a dark roes red "Hey Lexi, didn't you promise me you would show me around the school during lunch?" I asked her while giving her the 'I gottchu fam' face "YES! YES! I totally said I would" she said as she stood up quickly and waited for me to gather my things "Good bye Lexi" playfully (I think he had caught on to her little panic) "Good bye Maria" Chanyeol said while waving "We will eat well" they said in unison as we walked away.
Baekhyun's P.O.V I had been counting down the minutes left untill lunch 'I wonder what her name is, does she have 1st lunch as well?' I kept asking myself 'how was I dumb enough to not ask her her name?' *BAM* "Byun Baekhyun!!!! I heard the teacher yell don't slam the desk like that this is your first warning" ...'Wow first day and I'm already looking like the bad guy to my teacher' I said to my self. !RING! !RING! !RING! finally...lunch. I ran around the school hoping to see her and ask her if she had 1st lunch and just as I was about to give up I saw her "she beautiful" I whispered while walking her direction she looked so cute with her beanie and coat on I just wanted to hug her when I finally got close enough I tapped her head so she would face me but she faced to her friend instead and I waved my hand but she still hadn't noticed I was going to just walk away but she ended up facing me "Hi, did you miss me?" I asked while patting her head. 'God I'm such a dork she'll never like me at the rate I'm going' I said in my head. I looked over at her friend and gave Lexi the friendliest smile I could without making her feel uncomfortable "do you want to have lunch with us?" she asked. My reply was even dumber than the first thing I said we headed to their table together I had gotten her (Maria) a spoon because I noticed she didn't get one and I gave it to her once we sat down. I was bummed out that I forgot to look for Chanyeol but it was that girl she was beginning to make me feel things I hadn't felt before when I saw her I completely forgot about how annoyed I was in class and my struggle to find Chanyeol but she made every thing go away it was soothing in a way and then out of nowhere he appeared but as the first sound of his voice Lexi blushed to the point where she looked like a cute little red flower 'ahh the color of innocence' I thought not soon after I don't think she was able to bare it so they left but not before we said goodbye "Good bye Lexi" I yelled playfully because I knew the real reason why they had to go and then everything froze when I heard Chanyeol say "Good bye Maria". "Was that her name" I asked as soon as I saw they were a far distance away "how do you know her? What is she like? Do you think she'd want to hang out.... with us i mean... both of us" questions where just spilling out of me I could not have looked any more desperate.
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