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Not many people in Seoul own cars (your family might have a car, but its rare for multiple family members to own separate cars) but that doesnt mean the word isn't important!

자동차 - Car, vehicle

Most vehicles will end in "차"

빈차 - Empty car

You'll see this on the front of taxis if they're empty and available. If the light is off, it means someone is in it and they wont stop to pick you up :3

소방차 - Fire truck


Listen at 2:30 for them to say it about a billion times so you'll never forget it ;D

차를 운전해요? - Do you drive?

(cha-reul oon-jeon-hae-yo?)

I waited a loooong time to get my license. I really don't like driving, but I do love singing to music in the car!

My daughter hates to drive, and doesn't have her license. She's had her permit for over 4 yrs.
i would love driving if there was no one else driving at the same time cause no one out here knows how to drive ;___:
My mom wanted me to be independent so I got a license at 16.
I still don't have my license. I need to get it. That way I don't have to depend on my friends to take me anywhere
That last gif had me laughing so hard. I remember that video clip, it was so hilarious 😂😂
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