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Okay so @kpopandkimchi made a card asking if and why we judge girl groups harder than guy groups (here) This got me thinking of a lot of things. #1. Dasom from Sistar recently mentioned that being in a girl group makes it hard to relax like the guy groups can because they are forgotten and replaced easier. #2. Hyolyn - basically everyone in Sistar speaks about these kinds of things - said she receives a lot more malicious comments (as well as everyone in Sistar) than many male idols. #3. Many female idols get their reputation ruined easier than male idols and have to work harder to not get called copies bc unlike with male groups it backfires if there considered unoriginal #4. I remember I was starting to pull away from girl groups bc instead of listening to them again I started comparing them and ignoring them until I saw a post on tumblr explaining why girl groups are important and why they are amazing. This opened my eyes so I was able to enjoy girl groups again and weeks later Sistar's comeback helped even more. We do judge girl groups more and it's really sad bc truth be told whether you realize it or not you're trained to pick girls apart more than guys. You can see it transfer into your interests if you pay attention to your different reactions. This does not mean everyone is like this, just a majority of us girls (and guys) are. Honestly it's easier for me to side with girls than guys and I can turn against a guy quicker than a girl bc of issues in my past yet I still found it hard to stop the negativity that was coming out of nowhere until i started staying off media sites more bc of others negativity. For instance, when Sistar beat Exo and Taeyeon the first time many in those and other fandoms congratulated Sistar but many others attacked Sistar and some even attacked Taeyeon and other snsd members. Why I still don't know. Luckily other fans came in and stopped them but a lot of the stuff they said was things they would get mad about if said about their fandom. Now being in multi-fandoms I stay away from fandom wars as much as I can bc to me they're pointless. Even the Iron vs. TOP & GD bc rappers are going to go after those they see as the biggest bc it shows more. That's just rap culture. Anyways I realized that for me atleast the harsher I was on girl groups the more I actually hated looking in the mirror and just being me bc i could relate to things with the female idols just like most girls can.
Also when you stan a female idol/group you notice that they get a lot less love than male idols/groups. Just look on the internet. One thing that's never changed is that Sistar has always been above bts but when I went through that whole thing I was unsure until I kind of woke up from it. Now this kind of goes along with the whole girl groups getting judged harder. Sistar is known for OUTSTANDING live performances with MR removed. And there were many articles praising them, hence the term "eating the CDs" as in its like their voice came straight from the CD if not it's better. However many still attacked them saying they didn't have any talent what so ever and other things like they should kill themselves and such. However, Bangtan, Exo, Bigbang, etc. get little to no hate when they song live bc they're amazing live. Everyone knows about how big plastic surgery is. When female idols get it a lot of times they get back lash. Unless they're like Jessi and present it in a way like she straight out is like "this is fake, I got a nose job and eyelids, etc." And they constantly get accused of surgery which wouldn't be a problem except the fact they can get attacked for it while most deny when make idols get it, even when they admit it. Double Standards - they're expected to get the surgeries yet get backlash hen they do and still get pressured to do more.
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@JaxomB guys do tend to have have more soothing voices than girls and I can understand where ur coming from which is why I said not everyone. But it's not like ur hating on them for no reason, right?
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@FalseLove Nope, I don't hate on them. I just tend not to listen to girl groups often. I have a Red Velvet and Mamamoo CD though....and my daughter has a few Girl's Gen CDs. I will admit there are a couple of guys's speaking voices that I could just listen and fall asleep to. They could be reciting the dictionary for all I'd care.
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@JaxomB same though馃槀 i dont really like girl groups like wonder girls, Snsd and crayon pop and I'm not big on red velvet but I do know the idols themselves have talent even if the group isn't that good (Cosmic Girls is and example) but Hyolyn's (Sistar) and Soyou's singing voices are soothing. Then you have Suga who could just cough and I'm dead馃槀
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It's also marketing and imo korean culture. As an international fan I don't jibe with the cutesy concepts very well (male or female) and it seems like once the girl groups get past that everyone is all up in arms about them changing, or very meh (most GG songs I have ,outside of "Gee", are the ones that were more....mature, i guess, like "Run Devil Run") so they dont chart as well. It's like, it's totally fine for guys to grow up but not girls. Hell, IU was "The Nation's Little Sister" when she debuted at 15/16 but folks turned on her when she got older an wanted to do more mature stuff. I've always stanned BEG, 2NE1 and 4Minute because I recognized they weren't really in that cutesy mold. I stanned SISTAR because, hello? have you heard/seen them?! I stan MAMAMOO and I stan by proxy (my nieces love them) Orange Caramel (I stan After School but...have given up hope at a return).
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I woul've stanned the heck outta SONAMOO but after their debut song they did a 180 and went cutesy. I stan AOA and a few other lesser known or defunct girl groups. But even though I don't stan many girls groups I also don't bash them. All these idols have gone through hell to get where they are. If you don't like em just don't watch em. Don't go out of your way to bash them or cause trouble. I don't understand anti culture AT ALL
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