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Helluu ~ Mere here :3 Today I wanted to talk about Monsta X which is btw my ultimate kpop group. Monsta X is a really a good group, and to me they are unique. Like every kpop group they all have their history even way before debut. These boys have been through so much. And where they stand now makes me so happy. These boys never fail to make me smile and laugh. Not even words can express what I feel about them, it can only explain so little. I haven't been with them when since debute, but when I found out about them. I went back and watched interviews, live concerts, and their reality shows.
Monsta X is really underrated and it would make me so happy if you could become a Monbebe (their fan base name). Please show and give them support. It makes me sad that they didn't win again this year.. So if you could please give them a listen that would be nice.
These are some of their music videos! And I encourage you to watch them all. Personally to me, when I first heard these songs I liked them right away. Maybe it won't be the same for you but give them a try?
If you liked their music videos why not get to know them? Here's the first episode to their reality show called "Right Now" and you can watch all episodes subbed on YouTube!
That's the end of this card! I would have introduced all the members but that would have this cars way too long. So I'll be making a pt. 2!
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I love this introduction. Monbebes FIGHTING!! Can you tag me?