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Alright, first a message from me: I could care less for this video, if it offends you, I deeply apologize. I shared this to make you laugh. Now, let's get to it.~
The only part I really cared for in this was his impersonating BamBam, because that's honestly how I imagine it to me. Please tell me what your thoughts of this.
@BlackFawn so have I. It's so adorable when he dabs. And I don't know if you noticed but most of the time when he dabs he blushes
This video did make me upset. Especially when he tried to act like BamBam with waking up and dabbing. Leave our BamBam alone!
@BlackFawn I'm not gonna lie I dab a lot so I don't have a problem with it. And it does make him happy so I say it's fine
Okay I personally think this YouTuber is shit. Just saying. And I can care less if BamBam dabs. I have no problem with it and think he's kinda cute when he does it. So in my opinion leave my BamBam alone!!!!!
@BlackFawn @CuteBabyLay I'm gonna protest about it haha
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