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I really love carbs.

So in Korean food, when 떡 (rice cake) is an ingredient you know I'm in heaven.

떡 - Rice Cake!


It comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, flavours, and can be stuffed with yummy things or coated in toppings.

떡볶이 - Spicy fried rice cake


This is 떡 cooked in a frying pan and covered in really spicy sauce with fish cake, hard boiled eggs, and other ingredients like onion or ramen noodles :)

떡국 - Rice cake soup


This is super comfort food and is rice cakes served in a broth with egg, onion, and usually meat on top! You can also get this with 만두 (dumplings) in the soup too.

찹쌀떡 - Sweet Rice Cake


This 떡 is covered in a sweet powder and is much chewier and sticker than the 떡 used in 떡볶이. They are in smaller, bite sized pieces.

Listen at 2:22

찹쌀떡 찹쌀떡

궁합이 우리 우리 궁합이

Like rice cakes, like rice cakes

Chemistry, our chemistry

떡꼬치 - Grilled rice cakes


Put on a stick and grilled over a fire, these 떡 can be savory or spicy and are nice and chewy. They are a common street food!

Which 떡 meal looks the best to you? Have you tried any?

I saw spicy rice cake in a drama and I totally wanted to taste it .. Found the recipe and everything but I never got around to actually making it
They are soooo good! I love when the Ahjummas from the Korean church bring me sweet rice cakes
le drool
i had tryed both of them. i liked them. 😄😄😄
Ahhhhh I was planning on making sweet rice cakes too!!!! And I really want to try those other ones!!!
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