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Remember that last Hyuk Card? HYUK THE "I'M A MAN NOW, LET ME LOVE YOU" type. Well I present more, but with all of them. Enjoy!!
Taekwoon.. The silent but sizzling romantic.
Hakyeon the openly affectionate and dedicated lover.
Jaehwan, the one who gives laughter by day, but needs your affection at night to refuel.
Hongbin, down to earth boyfriend/father. He's really an Idol?
Wonsik, the needy one. Not in a bad way. You are his muse and his strength.

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Aww, Leo's were so sweet and cute! Caption: "He keeps mumbling your name in his sleep. idk why but can come make him stop?" -N
caption: when you fall asleep on the bus and he doesnt have the heart to wake you.
@AmberRelynn @BabydollBre OoooOOOOoo I like those captions!
Leo, Hyuk and N were really cute. caption: When you want his attention but he's too busy rearranging he's playlist.
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