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Time to get a little uncomfortable.

Today's word is: 답답하다


답답하다/답답해 is hard to explain.

The best way to describe it is suffocating, stifling, feeling crowded or pressed upon.

For example, if you're stressed about something, you can feel 답답해. Basically, if there is pressure or weight on you. It can also be if there is a lot of pressure on your heart, like you don't want to hurt someone's feelings or you are feeling trapped by relationships.

Start at 0:02 (lol)

정말 답답해 망막해

This is really suffocating, endlessly.

Listen at 1:06

사랑하는 데

I love you but

이렇게 답답한 기분은 뭔데

What is this suffocating feeling?

Listen at 1:48

아 답답해 내 맘은 굴뚝같은데

Ah, its stifling, my heart is like a chimney.

Have you ever felt 답답해?

I get 답답한 when there's too much homework (which I gladly don't have to worry about during the summer 😁)
All the time
yas all the time
All the time..... Especially because of school :l
I usually expirience that feeling when I'm worried about something. Anxiousness and stress in ya chest. I literally try and shiver it off like aaaah.
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