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Hello everyone!

And welcome to the fiction part of Turn-Up Thursdays! This time, we are back with the VIXX fanfic! I hope you guys enjoy it as it is a long chapter! XD (Credit to owners!)
Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I gotchu~

Chapter 3 - Forgiveness

The tears still rapidly falling from my eyes, I suddenly became embarrassed when I realized what I was doing.
I can't believe that Hakyeon was the one to see me. Especially like this.
After realizing how weird this is, I let go of Hakyeon and he retracted his arms, noticing that I backed up a bit.
"I am s-sorry," I sniffled, rubbing my sleeve under my nose and trying to wipe the tears away.
"Don't be sorry. It's okay."
"But I just met you yesterday and here I am...just squeezing the life out of you as I cry." I stated.
He laughed in response.
"Y/N. It is really okay. I am fine. Expect for the stains you left on my shirt." He went to touch the tear-stained spot on his shoulder. "Oh my goodness! It's like it rained! It's so wet!" He teased.
"Meanie." I laughed.
"Omo! I made you laugh! Good, you look better when you smile. So don't be sad anymore okay?" I nodded.
"O-Okay." I breathed in and out, fanning my face with my hands to make it look like I had not just cried my eyes out. I then cleared my throat.
"We should probably head to class. We are going to be late to it...again..." I sauntered off towards the direction of the class, thinking that he would follow behind.
"Why don't we just ditch?" I halted, taken back by what he said.
"We should go do something fun! Like go get some food- OH! or play some arcade games!" I just stared at him in disbelief.
"I am not ditching! I have never ditched a class before and I am not starting now!"
"Okay party pooper. I will just see you later then!" He started to walk the other direction when I ran over and grabbed him by the ear.
"Where do you think your going?"
"Ow! Why are you holding on so tight! Let me- OW!- go!" I shook my head.
"Did you really think that your class president would let you wander off like that?"
"Yes, I did. If the president didn't want the class to know how she balled her eyes out and clung onto someone she barely knew," he smirked.
"You wouldn't!" I let go of his ear, too surprised by his words.
"I would!" I glared at him as he smiled at me, knowing fully that he was winning this conversation.
This is what you get for being too emotional Y/N. Control your tears DANGIT.
"Well...I guess I have no other choice," I sighed.
Hakyeon looked at me in confusion. I started to roll up my sleeves and I used the hair tie I had on my wrist to tie my hair back into a ponytail, making sure it was tight.
I cracked my neck left and right, staring right at Hakyeon, who now looked a little more panicked.
He started to back away slowly when he saw my smile.
Just try running, boy. You can't outrun me.
Catching me off guard, he quickly turned and bolted in the opposite direction, running fast.
Oh, faster than I thought. This should be fun.
I stretched out my hands in front of me and cracked my fingers before I got into a running position. As I saw him glance back at me I knew that the chase was about to begin.
I bolted, running after him.
"Get back here HAKYEON!"
"Just what were you two doing?!" The principal screamed at us. I jumped, surprised to hear him so loud.
I glanced over to Hakyeon noticing the dirt covering his clothes and the bruise on his right eye.
"I was trying to get him to come back to class, sir," I stated.
"By chasing him down? In what way did that seem like a good idea?" He asked, looking at me. I started to become flustered.
"You chased him down the hall, disrupting classes. You then chased him into the school garden, jumping on him from behind and you both fell to the ground, now completely covered in dirt. And if that wasn't enough, when you tried to pull him up with you, you fell back on top of him, hurting his right eye with your hand."
I shyed away, slowly feeling smaller in the chair. I glanced over at Hakyeon to see that he was completely blank. Like he was not processing anything that was happening.
"I am sorry, sir." I bowed towards him.
He sighed, heavily closing his eyes while doing so.
"I have no choice but to give you both detention."
"What!" I yelled, a little too loudly. I have never been in detention before and I wasn't ever planning on getting one! Aish...
"No objections! You will have it after school today until 4. You will be fixing up the garden you so recklessly ruined." I sat back defeated.
"But I have the class president meeting today after school. I have to-"
"You will have to find someone else to go Y/N. If you miss this, then it is just another detention for you." I gulped, shocked to hear that it was even possible to get more than one.
"Yes sir."
"Any objections, Hakyeon?" He turned to look at him. Hakyeon shook his head no, somehow smiling at the principal.
"Good. I expect a report from our garden club on how well you two did today. Do not disappoint me. You both may leave back to your class."
We both stood up and bowed at the principal before we headed for the door. Closing it behind us, I sighed in frustration.
Great. Two horrible events in one day. Could things get any worse?
I walked ahead of Hakyeon as we went back to our classroom. When we headed inside, we heard gasps from around the room.
"What happened to you two?" One of our classmates asked.
"I don't want to talk about it." I answered, moving my incredibly messy hair out of my face as I went to sit in my chair, Hakyeon following closely behind.
I looked over to see that Hongbin was trying his hardest not to laugh. I glared at him.
"What? What is so funny?" I asked. He then lost it, making the teacher shush him from the front of the class.
He then stopped to focus back on the lecture as did I.
I grabbed out my notebook when I felt a tap on my shoulder.
I whipped around to see Hakyeon, looking at me with a smirk.
"Should have just ditched with me~" He teased, making me almost lose it.
Holding onto my pencil too tightly, I instantly snapped it at his words, not realizing my strength.
Damn it!
I heard him chuckle behind me, making me even more furious.
I swear Hakyeon. I will get you back for this!
After trying to not lash out at Hakyeon for the rest of the day, when the classes ended I was upset that I had to go to detention.
"Hongbin?" I saw him turn towards me at the call of his name as he was packing his bag to head home.
"Can I ask you for a huge favor?" I pleaded with my eyes.
"Oh no. Not those eyes. What is it now?"
"Can you please go the president meeting for me today about the festival after school. I have some-," My eyes flitted to Hakyeon to see him waiting for me. "-thing to do."
He looked confused but seeing the mess I was, he agreed.
"Thank you so much Hongbin!" I yelled, grabbing him into a hug.
"Yeah, yeah. Now as payment you have to tell me what happened tomorrow and why I am doing this for you!"
"Deal! Thank you again!" I waved goodbye as Hakyeon and I headed to the garden.
As we started to walk I realized how dirty I was. Every time I tried to run my hand through my hair it was knotted to the point to where I was yanking my hair out if I tried. I glanced down to see that the white parts of my uniform had now turned into a shade of light brown and that my knees were covered with dirt from the garden.
Ignoring the questioning looks of people as we walked by, Hakyeon and I made it to the side of the school where it was kept and it was only then when I realized how much of the garden we had destroyed.
"I can't believe we did this...These poor flowers," I bent down to see that the once bright, radiant flowers were now smashed to the ground, petals missing and leaves torn.
"You mean how you did this." Hakyeon said, making my blood start to boil once more.
"Well if someone wasn't trying to ditch class, we wouldn't have gotten into this mess!"
"I am sorry for trying to cheer you up and have a little fun instead of going to a boring lecture!"
"Cheer me up? More like -" I froze at the sound of leaves breaking. We both seemed startled as we couldn't make out who it was from the way they were hiding behind the shed. But you could see their head poking out.
"W-Who is there?" I asked, scared.
I stood behind Hakyeon unconsciously to see that he also grew nervous.
The figure continued to stand still, not responding or making any movements to get out from behind the shed.
To my surprise, Hakyeon grabbed a nearby shovel and grasped it firmly in his hands, shaking slightly.
"C-Come out whoever you are!" He yelled out. The mysterious person remained still.
"What is he doing?" I whispered frightened, holding desperately onto Hakyeon's shirt.
"I don't know but he is freaking me out!" He answered.
All of the sudden the figure started to move, walking slowly towards us.
Both of us started to back up, scared.
What if it is a murderer?! Or a pervert?!!
The figure then quickened his pace, making Hakyeon and I freeze and brace for the incoming attack as we had no where else to run to.
As he neared I closed my eyes, covered my ears, and started screaming my lungs out. I started to tear up.
This is it. Goodbye cruel world.
After multiple seconds had passed, my eyes still shut, I jumped when someone touched my shoulder, screaming again.
"Y/N! Stop with the screaming already!" I looked up to see Hakyeon, perfectly fine. What happened to the creepy ma-
"AHHH!" I yelled, as Leo appeared into my vision making me almost pee my pants.
"Hi," he whispered quietly enough for only mice to hear.
"Leo?" I was shocked by his appearance. His hair covered part of his face, making him look more terrifying than what he usually does.
"So the pervert was Leo?!" I asked, suddenly remembering that he was the head of the garden club.
"Pervert? You thought it was a pervert coming to attack us?" Hakyeon repeated, mocking me.
"Shut up! You were scared too!"
"Was not!"
"Was to!"
"Stop...please," Leo said, too quietly for either one of us to hear.
"You should have heard yourself scream! You sounded like a mad woman!"
"Yeah, well you were shaking like crazy! You even stuttered!"
"So? At least I wasn't cowering behind you!"
"Stop..." Leo said, increasing his volume of his voice.
"What! So I should have been protecting you?"
"No. You are too weak to do so!" I scoffed at his comment.
"Says the guy who was pushed to the ground by this so-called weakling!"
"It was just because-"
Before Hakyeon could finish, Leo covered both of our mouths with his hands, surprising both of us.
"Both of you shut up before I use your bodies as nutrients for my garden!" My mouth dropped at his words.
Holy heavens, I was not expecting that...at all.
"Now, I heard that you were the ones who destroyed my flowers?" His glare switching between the two of us as we talked.
Hakyeon and I stayed still.
"Did you destroy my garden?!" Out of fear, I shook my head yes, terrified that if I didn't answer, I would never be found again.
He then let his hands fall back down to his sides, noticing that we would now be quiet. I wanted to ask him something but he looked too pissed so I was afraid that I would set him off, so I kept silent.
He disappeared into the shed after leaving Hakyeon and I to exchange terrified glances.
"Oh my god he is so scary!" I whispered.
"You just had to call him a pervert!"
"What! It wasn't just me who-" Leo then reappeared silencing both Hakyeon and I.
He handed us each a pair of gloves and our own small shovels.
"Since you two destroyed it, you will be the ones to fix it. It will take several days to restore my precious garden back to its pristine condition but you two will do it...right?" He asked, his voice small again as if he suddenly changed into a different person.
"But we only have detention today until-"
"RIGHT?!" He yelled, making us both jump again.
"N-Ne!" Hakyeon and I exclaimed, quickly dispersing to the edge of the garden to start our repairs.
"This is all your fault!" I whined, as I picked up the dead flowers and was setting them aside.
"This is your fault too! If only you hadn't chased me down and jumped on me like some crazy she-hulk and destroyed this garden!"
"She-hulk?! How dare-"
"Do I hear talking?" Leo asked, appearing behind us.
"N-No!" Hakyeon and I answered.
"If I hear talking one more time..." he trailed off, walking away to sit in a chair watching our every move.
"Stupid." Hakyeon whispered.
"You're stupid." I retorted as we both went back to cleaning the mess we made.
"Ah I am so sore!" I yelled out, stretching my arms side to side to get rid of the aching I was feeling from using the shovel for six straight hours.
"You and me both," Hakyeon replied, sounding too tired to come up with a remark against me.
We had finished for the day and we were walking home, happy to be out of Crazy Leo's Garden.
"Who knew such a quiet person could be so...scary," I said.
"They do say that the quiet ones are the scariest when they are angry." Hakyeon stated, while also stretching out his arms.
"And we have to go back there tomorrow too? Aish..."
"Well we got a lot done today, so hopefully we will be done by the end of this week."
"So another three days of this? I don't think I can handle Leo watching my every movement like a hawk for three more afternoons. I felt so violated." Hakyeon laughed at that.
"You should have seen your face when we saw that it was Leo. It was so funny." He continued.
"Oh shut it. You were as shocked as I was." I replied, laughing as well.
We then turned the corner to our houses and we both stopped.
"Hey I just-"
"Look I am-" We stopped as we had both started talking at the same time.
"You go first," I gestured to him.
"I am sorry for today." Hakyeon apologized, shocking me.
"I am sorry too. For jumping on you and hitting you eye," We both chuckled as we remembered everything that had happened today.
"And thank you for earlier as well. For my...um..."
"For holding onto me and crying like a baby into my arms. Sure no problem." He teased, smiling. I hit his arm, causing him to wince. "Ouch!"
"Don't you dare tell anyone that happened! If anyone finds out I will know that it was you!" I pointed at him.
"I am not going to tell anyone. I promise."
"Good! I guess I won't tell anyone about you being beat up by a girl then," I stated, giggling.
"Sure. You totally beat me up."
"Well your eye says otherwise. Does it hurt?" I said, reaching for it unconsciously.
He stared at me, surprised at my movement. I slowly touched the area, making him wince.
"Sorry," I apologized, feeling bad for bruising his eye. I was trying to think of a way to help him when a light bulb went off in my head.
"Stay right here!" I yelled out as I ran to my house. I went inside and when I found what I searched for, I came running back out to find that Hakyeon was in the same spot.
I ran in front of him and started to open what I had grabbed - bruising ointment.
I started to open the bottle, putting dots on my finger and slowly bringing it up to Hakyeon's eye.
"Stay still," I said, as I focused on the area around his eye. I patted it gently, making sure not to hurt Hakyeon anymore as I covered the bruise.
After a few minutes, I finished, closing the cap on the bottle.
"Done," I said, satisfied with myself for being able to help. "How does your eye feel? Any better?" I asked, looking at Hakyeon.
I became flustered when I saw that his face was red, worrying that he might have a fever or something as I rushed to put my hand on his forehead.
"Hmm, doesn't feel warm..." I whispered to myself, comparing my forehead to his.
"Are you okay, Hakyeon?" He stared at me, his lips slightly apart and his face still as red as a tomato.
"Hello~" I said, wondering why he appeared to be frozen.
I started poking him, trying to see if I could get him to move. After poking his chest, his side, his arm, and his cheek, he suddenly grabbed my arm, stopping me from poking his nose.
His grip on my arm was tight, making me wince after a minute as he stared into my eyes.
"Hakyeon...you are hurting me," I managed to get out, while trying not to make a sound from the pain.
The grip suddenly loosened on my arm as he backed away from me, looking nervous.
"S-sorry," he whispered, as he continued to move away.
"Are you-"
"See you tomorrow," he stated, running inside his house, closing the door behind him.
I stood there confused and in a daze at what had just taken place.
What was that?
And why was his face so red?
Trying to figure it out, I suddenly got a text.
I grabbed my phone out of my pocket to see that it was from Ken.
"Need to talk to you." Was all it read. I scoffed.
Psh, like I would respond to you, buttface.
"If you don't respond, I will call you."
Go ahead and call. See if I pick up.
I walked into my house, and went up the stairs into my room. As I was changing into my pajamas, I heard my phone go off.
I looked to see that it was from Ken.
I quickly declined it, still hurt from what he assumed about me.
After changing, I went to go brush my teeth when my phone went off again.
I sighed in frustration when I saw that it was Ken, once again.
I threw my phone on the bed, leaving it to ring as I went to rinse out my mouth.
Thinks he can apologize for the way he acted this afternoon.
I mean, how could he think that about me?
After I told him...
It makes me even more mad that a tiny...tiny...part of me wants to talk to him again, as I still...like him.
I started to wash my face, rinsing with cold water.
I can't stop liking him in one day. Dang it, why do I have to like him?
I patted my face with my towel, hanging it up after I was done.
I went and plopped on my bed, staring up at the ceiling.
Freaking feelings. Freaking Ken. Freaking...
Interrupting my thoughts, my phone went off once more. I turned my head to see that Ken was calling me for the third time.
Does the boy ever give up? I have to pick up don't I?
Knowing that he probably wouldn't stop, I answered the call.
"What." I said harshly into the phone.
"Yah! Why didn't you pick up earlier!" He yelled, making me wince.
"I didn't want to." I answered straight forwardly.
"Really? You have to ask why?" I stated, shocked to think that he would even ask that question.
"You know what, I am going to-"
"Wait!" He interrupted. "Listen to me please."
I sighed into my phone.
"First, let me say that I am very sorry about what I said.
"The only relationships I have ever had were with girls that just wanted to use me to be popular. I had thought that they had genuinely liked me as I had liked them but I would always find out that they were just with me to feel what it was like to be one of the 'in-crowd'.
"I then decided to come up with the 30 day relationship idea. It was a way of making sure I wouldn't get hurt again and that if someone was using me, that I wouldn't be with them for too long."
My anger started to subside at his words.
"So when you confessed to me, I thought 'Well here is another girl just trying to use me. Let's just do 30 days and be over with it'. But when you told me that you weren't with me to use me, I felt horrible. I didn't know what to do because no one has ever liked me the way you have before."
Tears started to form in my eyes again as I heard him talk.
"I am very, truly sorry, Y/N. I know that you probably don't want to be with me anymore and I understand that. I just wanted to let you know how I felt as I couldn't just stop thinking about it when you left the way you did earlier today. I am sorry."
I started crying into my phone as he finished.
"Y/N?" He asked concerned.
I didn't answer as I continued to cry. Crying for how he has never had someone who has genuinely liked him before. Crying for how he apologized and felt horrible for what he did to me. And crying, because I knew that after this, my feelings for him weren't going to go away.
"Are you okay?"
"Y-Yeah." I sniffled into my phone. "Thank you for apologizing to me and telling me about all of this. It must not have been easy to do." He chuckled at the other end.
"Well besides the other council members, you are the first one to know about all of this."
"I am honored~" I singed, causing him to laugh more.
"So you aren't mad anymore?"
"Of course I am still mad! You thought that I was like all of them without getting to know me! I am just suppressing my anger right now." I sniffled.
"Well I would like to get to know you, Y/N." He said, making me freeze.
"W-What." I responded.
"You are definitely different than anyone I have met before. I want to get to know you better. Would it be wrong of me to ask if you would want to continue these thirty days with me? I know it was for a relationship but maybe...it can turn into one. A real one." My heart started to beat crazy fast at his words.
"So what do you say, Y/N? Will you spend the next 30 days with me?"
I was going crazy, I must be. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest as he spoke, and my face was definitely a dark shade of red.
I was still mad, but he apologized and he said that he wanted to know me better.
Do I? Or don't I?
"O-Okay." I replied, into my phone, going with my gut.
"Really? That is great! I am so happy! I will see you tomorrow then, okay?" He asked.
I smiled at his words.
"Okay. See you tomorrow. Bye."
"Good night, Y/N." Is what he left me with, as he hung up the phone.
I squealed at everything that just happened, extremely excited.
Ken wanted to get to know me better!
This is crazy! Am I crazy for doing this? For trusting him again?
I looked at the time and after seeing that it was late, I went and plugged in my phone and set my alarm for tomorrow morning and climbed back under my covers, smiling at the thought of seeing him in the morning.

Wow was this a long chapter! I hope you guys enjoyed it! XD

So much has happened and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here...;) Look forward to the next chapter~
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Yay Ken really isn't a meany!! This is good. Except for the fact that Hakyeon Oppa likes her and she doesn't like him back. Not yet anyways. I have a feeling she will like him at some point. I love how Leo is all quietly trying to get their attention and nothing happens. A simple change in tone and he calls the shots. Poor Leo Oppa's little garden! I bet he was not happy when he saw it that way and became sad and angry all at once.
Don't mess with Leo and his garden! LMAO! The mental picture of them rolling around in the garden distroying it, is hilarious!😂😂 Can't wait for your next update and your wonderfully long chapters!😊
Hee hee my beautiful creepy Leo.....I would gladly help you find nutrients for your garden 😉😉😉
I had a feeling it would be Leo from when he started to run towards them. I like how you put buttface in there, gave me a good chuckle.
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