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What is One Drama You Can Watch on Repeat?

On my recent Secret Garden card, a lot of you said you have watched it 2, 3, or even 7 times!

Are there any other dramas you consistently re-watch?

For me, that drama is Reply 1997.

It will always be my favorite drama!

I started watching it because I love Hoya and Seo In Guk, so a drama with both of them together sounded perfect.

But then it got really serious and great and wonderful and amazing and awesome and adjective adjective adjective.

The love story does take an unrealistic turn at one point, but hey, its a drama. In the end I still think this was a great story quite unlike more stereotypical K-dramas.

I tend to watch this once a year so it doesn't get old...

Do you have a drama you rewatch?

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Faith and City hunter... I love seeing Lee Min Ho acting with soo much intensity and calmness maybe cos I don't like guys that talk too much. oh and Winter sonata.
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she was pretty, cheer up and its okay that's love are some of the best dramas I've ever watched 馃槏
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I want to watch Kill Me Heal Me, Rooftop Prince, Playful Kiss (first kdrama), Fated to Love You, Just You and Descendants Of The Sun again. I am currently rewatching Rooftop Prince. Sorry but I can't choose just one!
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I haven't re-watched them yet but I could definitely re-watch "The Lovers" and "Modern Farmer" they're absolutely at the top of my kdrama list 馃榿
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I'm presently re-watching Winter sonata and I'm falling in love with Bae Yong Joon all over again.... ahhhhh.. the feels
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