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Hi guys! Your resident mod is here to let you know about the anime community guidelines, why they exist, and to open up a place for you to lodge any complaints or problems you see in the community.

Let's get to it!!

I should probably note that our previous mods @invinsybll and @poojas both wrote versions (1, 2) of the community guidelines based on community feedback before, so I'm just updating those!
Please also note that the Vingle Community Guidelines apply to ALL communities, including ours!

1. Keep it PG-13. You MUST use buffer images!

We've got all sorts of ages in our community. We all know that some anime and some fan art treads the line between porn and animation/art, so use your best judgement. We also have people of all different views when it comes to ecchi+ content, so I've come up with a bit of a compromise that should make everyone happy.
If you want to post ecchi material that pushes the line to only underwear, see through clothing, mostly skin, etc, that is fine so long as it is not pornographic.

But YOU MUST use a 'buffer image' when you do.

Make sure the first card (the one that can be seen on the feed) is NOT the one showing mature content. Use an all age appropriate first image as a 'buffer', put a warning in the beginning of the card about mature content, and you're good to go.

I've provided a few possible buffer images for ecchi or lewd content here - save them and USE THEM when needed.

I will be removing* any cards from the community that break this rule & are not edited to include puffer images if requested. I understand many people like seeing this content, but some people don't, so using buffer images allows both groups to exist happily :)
***please note that Vingle has it's own rules about nudity & pornography. If your card is reported for pornography, and it is removed, I have no control over this! Make sure you follow the Vingle Community Guidelines!**

2. Don't Spoil Things!! Seriously.

Because of our love for all things anime, we're inclined to often write about something new or crazy that happened in our favorite series. However, be mindful that not everyone reads the manga, or maybe they just aren't caught up on the anime.
If you are writing a card that you know contains a spoiler, put a warning in the title, and use a buffer image if the image itself is the spoiler (i.e. Don't put the newest page of an ongoing manga as the first image on your card!)
There are some buffer images above - save & use them! If you find unannounced spoilers, tag me and let me know so I can try to get it edited.

3. Cards without titles may be reported/removed.

Alright Nakama, it's SO easy to put a title on your cards!! Just do it :) Oh, and if you know the name of the anime you're posting about, do other members a favor and include it in your card!! Even if you are just posting a funny anime meme or a cool cosplay image, having a title and description helps us get to know you better and start a conversation with you ;)

4. Be mindful when you message others.

Be aware of how you sound when you send messages. If you ask for personal information or send inappropriate messages to others, you can get reported or even blocked by that member. And if you receive creepy messages or messages that make you uncomfortable, be sure to report it!

5. Report cards harmful to our community!

This doesn't mean to report a Fairy Tail card because you hate Fairy Tail. However, if you find a card about how to find a good doctor posted in the anime community, help me out and report it so that it may be removed by the Vingle staff before I have a chance to get to it! Or, if you find porn, report it. If you aren't sure if it's okay or not, just message the card's link to me and I'll try to help out :)

6. Be nice and have fun~

The best part about our Nakama is how much fun we have together!!!! Even though everyone has different opinions on anime, we can still talk & enjoy it together!!
Tagging some people from the community!! Can't tag everyone, sorry!! @deeeDUH @animerg13 @MissRemi @panhiathao3 @KaminariHana @BlackoutZJ @tayhar18920 @pandaqueenbee @JosePantigozo @DestinyAgnew @Aerosoul @TylerCinamella @LuffyNewman @neevp @xboxman1234538 @Lalaichan14 @LissiMichelle @kristan246 @Thomasamolina @WillBryan @Shiskra @animegrl865 @StarRainTearBow @AntaresBohanon @JoseYzaguirre @ctsr1 @russelroche47 @CrystalPonce @PASCUASIO @Tylor619 @KurosakiJess @AvisSpirit @SHRKMusic @SophiaRamos @BlackDragon88 @Sukii @SymoneBelcher @KiNg4LiFe @yukala9065 @DenisseSanchez @mauriciorobles @reaper412 @AimeBolanos @Baoyi @SimplyAwkward @jevonlowery @VoidX @BelleofRay @jealousshota @HenryIngerson @eliza1 @ButterflyBlu @littlemaryk @Sharia @SunnyMing94 @paultipps323 @petname83 @SquidThePrinter @MikeCopersito @AnbuRose @sabasta35 @jeremimzy17 @aiaconcarne @SarahMcCartney @ColtynGriffith @shagnasty360 @LittleAika @LaNiqueWilliams @Mcboss @Animefreak484 @Animetenshizo @GlitchTheRipper @KimmieSama @mufasapetersen @HaileySummers @YuiKurata @ZwankimaWalker @LaceChic1 @KageTsuki040910 @AndrewWenstad @Priscillasdoor @ShinigamiSan @LCordz @kell13 @EstefanOlivares @MimmiBumble01 @HiwaRasul @Imagide @LateefMolette @YumiMiyazaki @rhyan42 @ZephyrBlaze @misssukyi @JuanSantiago @Minekidz @navachan @Colonellinguis @Gibbous1992 @lovelikematoi @AdamDean @AshChrimson @AdrianDean @OtakuDemon10 @CandyApple22 @AnthonyShorey @KainaFox @szewwy @JosephCannon @KiraHitomi @KillerJuggalo38 @MoisEsGaray @Mikazuki1 @alliepetey @jfrye6376 @LorettaHon @JacquelineSanch @CrystalBlunt @AyansakuraBloss @DevilsSon @Vastolorde09 @arnelli @Nyan @superjkob @KokoroNoTakara @VickieAnimeFan @YessicaCardenas
thanks for the update, and thank you for upholding the rules as well, I've lost count of how many times I've come on here just to browse and see tons of spoiler cards or ecchi/yaoi cards without warnings........
well I didn't know there were guidlines but luckily im a goody goody so its all good by me. thanks for the post and always tagging me xD @hikaymm
@hikaymm I love your cards so much
Firm but not hard. Good job, mod.
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