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Hello my Vingle Family! I have finally finish my second work of art to share with all of you! I really hope you like it! Let me know what you think in the comments! I decided to make the Shiny Mega Evolution of Umbreon cause I really like its Shiny form! I will however be remaking all of the drawings I make (not in Photoshop but something similar) so that you can see all of the details I put in my work. And so that they look better lol. Also here's a list of some of the Pokemon that I will be making Mega Evolutions for after I make all of the Mega Evolutions of the Eevee Family! -Spiritomb -Ninetails -Shiftry -Mightyena -Chandelure -Rapidash -Raichu -Flygon -Darkrai -Gourgeist -Trevenant -Giratina -Scrafty -Arcanine -Weavile -Zangoose -Seviper -Arbok -Dusknoir -Liepard -Zoroark -Milotic
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@mufasapetersen I'm currently working on Vaporeon lol