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So this is going hard after beta.. and well... it's not available in my country yet... okay ㅗㅗ
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@Miichi in Google search type pokemon go google play link sorry
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@LizLeCates yeah thats my actual picture when I searched for it. I finally got a vpn but since it uses gps it's still no good ..thank you =)
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@Miichi didn't they make a false gps for pokemon go I think that's what I heard anyway
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@LizLeCates I don't know.. too much going on an servers are crashing now too
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@Miichi Yea true I think its smart to hold off a couple more months they are working on expanding their server units and putting up a higher frequency module so that it can handle a large capacity of productivity n more people can get online at once once they do that n put up a better mother board mod therr won't be as many bugs with the game n more people will play
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