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Has anyone ever applied for a job that required a drug test?

I remember when I was fresh out of high school, I worked at a community clinic, and that was a part of the process. I was taking a prescription (allergy medicine) at the time that tricked the results into thinking I was using meth. That was fun.

Has anything like that happened to someone else?

Please tell me I'm not alone in this.

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@ctsr1 Yeah, I feel like whenever someone tells me that that whole poppy seed story actually happened to them, I hardly believe them lol. It sounds too urban legendy to me.
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@DennieySnyder OoOooh! Where did you apply!
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Haha! Punny! ^_^ My narcolepsy meds DO, however, trigger those lovely meth sensors. That's always a lot of fun to explain for any reason. Cue the over-reaction! Then, people want to be super suspicious about the medication itself and *why* I take it...which almost always leads into the good ole "well have you tried ____?" conversation. /eyeroll ...And that's just the narco meds. Le Sigh. /shrug
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@danidee just a couple government jobs. My contact with current employer ends in September and we didn't get a new grant do I'm out of work first week of September.
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JOKES @danidee
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