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We all did embarrassing things when we were kids.

When I was a little girl, for example, I was obsessed with Hulk Hogan and would run around my house, flexing and trying to show off my professional wrestling muscles.
However, my memories aren't nearly as tangible as that of 18-year-old Jack Rowe, who went straight to his Twitter account the moment he discovered the childhood diary he'd filled with letters meant for SpongeBob.
(Here's it transcribed because it's kind of hard to read on the phone.)

Letter #1:

Dear Spongbob
I am your biggest fan ever bigger than everyone eles I love you Spongbob Me and Alan are your bigest fans and Fiona We all love Spongbob Well I really love Spongbob more than Fiona and Alan really I love SPONGBOB!

Letter #2:

Dear Spongebob
Is there a reason Squid is never happy? Because I would like to see him nice to you and Pat but I think that will never happen in love of him
We all <3 Spongebob

Letter #3:

Dear SpongBob <3
I wish I was yellow like you and have holes in my body just like you. I may seem like a copycat but I am not maybe I can paint my face yellow and drill holes in my face! :)
I <3 Spongbob! :)

Have you ever written a letter to a fictional character (or maybe famous celebrity) you were obsessed with as a child?

I used to try calling Hootie and the Blowfish on my Barbie phone. No regrets.
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lol @EmilyPeacock I totally missed that last letter. "Drill holes in his face"- Oh No!!!
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I wrote letters to Captain Janeway in my childhood journal, I thought she was amazing... I still do but I am not as obsessive as I was as a kid.
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i tried to rule my school with an iorn fist @danidee P.s. and lord soft bottom twas born
a year ago·Reply
We spoke directly into the speakers on the T.V. and thought Bert and Erie could hear us...they were always so responsive!! My brother and I truly believed that they were twins, just like us...one Mexican (Ernie) and one Italian (Bert...hence his uni'brow). Needless to say, my brother was adopted at birth, he's Mexican, I'm Italian...we were raised like twins (and surprisingly, we look like twins too). And there inlay the birth of our affections for, and minor obsessions with B&E on Sesame Street.
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We never wrote any letters though...except a birthday card to President Reagan (we were weird kids!!)
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