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Try to use fruits that are fresh, because that will be the best when you have them and enjoy all the nutrients from them. I love this recipe beacuse it is very easy to make, but also contains so many nutrient-rich ingredients all blended into one. Here are the ingredients that were used: - Yellow Mangoes - White Nectarines (Or Peaches) - Fresh Ginger - Yogurt - Orange Juice - Almond Milk - Spinach Source: www.peaceloveshea.com
well i would love to try this smoothieee! i actually really miss mango : ( back home i used have mango like EVERYDAY
@divalycious Oh, of couse! I would have arranged them for you if you asked me to! I just noticed that they were all mixed up. Thank you so much for letting me know!
@roselee89 mea culpa, I had to re-arrange the pics :(
@roselee89 awwwww : ) We all make mistake when we first use Vingleee! TRUST ME! i made so many mistakes like that when i started using Vingleeee because i was so confuseddd! If you still have questionss you are always welcome to ask! :D
Hey there! You remade this card right? Why didn't you just clip it! Hahah. Well, I made a mistake like that before, I remade someone's card and they asked me to clip it so I was giving credit to them!