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I decided to do ten days today, because I will never be able to keep up!!


GOT7 is my male favorite group. I've pretty much been with GOT7 since day one!! I love pretty much everything about GOT7, and I know a lot about them, like I'm straight up a stalker when it comes to GOT7!! XD Their music makes me so happy, and even though I don't quite understand what their saying, I still feel the message in their music, which is why I wish I knew Korean!! But anyways, I love GOT7 the most out of another male group!!


You gotta love the queens!!!! Of course 2NE1 would be my favorite female KPOP group. Sad to say, I haven't been with them when they started, but ever since I started KPOP and my cousin showed them to me (she only likes the girl's groups, but also says she doesn't like KPOP, like boi....), but she hardly listens to any KPOP these days!!! But anyways, 2NE1 is life and my favorite female KPOP group!!

MARK TUAN (my husband):

MY HUBBY!!!! MARK IS MY LIFE!!!! LIKE I LOVE HIM MORE THAN LIFE!!! LIKE- I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE!!!! MARK IS MY NUMBER ONE, although Kevin Woo used to be....But I had to...*cough* ..Um....Cut that off....You know.. BUT ANYWAYS MARK IS MY HUBBY AND I'LL HURT YOU IF YOU THINK HE'S YOURS!!! (I don't share!!) XD

CHAERIN LEE (my queen):

MY QUEEN IS OBVIOUSLY MY.....QUEEN!!! CL is like my life, and is on the top of my list for female crushes!!! She's so bae!!! UGH- SHE'S SO AMAZING!!!! I hate how much hate she gets though....Wish that won't happen. But you know what they say, the bigger you get, the harder they hate....Or did I just make that up? No one will ever know!! XD But me of course!! But anyways, CL is amazing and my l.i.f.e.!!

OTHER MALE BIASES (kinda)Top five after Mark):

Jeon Jungkook Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon) Nam Yoon-do (Eric Nam) Park Jae-beom (Jay Park) Choi Jun-hong (Zelo)

OTHER FEMALE BIASES (kinda) Top five after CL):

Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani) Amber Josephine Liu (Amber) Jessica Sooyoun Jung (Jessica Jung) Jeon Ji Yoon (Jiyoon) Shin Yoon Jo (Former member of Hello Venus)


Okay, I love the song She's a Monster, and it's been my favorite ever since they came out with it, but I really love Fly. I love the song of Fly, but that's not why I really like it. I like the MV, choreography, and just all that stuff. I mean, I love the song too, but those things just made me fall in love. She's a Monster has a beautiful meaning behind it (if you ask me), and I really like listening to it, but there's no MV, and I know it would be hard to find a dance or make an MV for this song, but I really wish they did!!


I like both Gotta Be You and Come Back Home. It's kinda like the reason for my GOT7 choice, but a bit different. I love the message behind Come Back Home, I love the song, I love the MV, and I also love the feeling I get when listening to it!! But I also love the message behind Gotta Be You, the song, the MV, and also the feeling I get when listening to it...So it's hard for me to choose which one I like best, so those are my choices!!


This is one of the saddest songs in KPOP history!!! It makes me want to cry when I listen to it (but ever since I heard BIGBANG was you know what, every one of their songs makes me cry)!!! But this song like touches my heart so deeply, it's unlike any other!! So If You is my sad song!! (although I have a lot more)


Not even sure where this song came from, but I love it! It makes me so happy everytime I listen to it!! And I can't help to get up and dance around and sing along when I listen to this song!! IT'S LIKE A DRUG!!! But anyways, this is my happy song!!!!
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Lol it actually really is hard to keep up xD I've almost missed like every day after the first lmao x3 but I'm still on track so far! ^-^ and I like how much in common I'm seeing between us in this xD
Oh man .. I need to do this challenge too. I'll def tag you when I do. I like the 10 at a time bit. my schedule is so hectic I'd lose track too.
@MandyNoona If you do (starts singing), do ten in one card, you can't do a lot of photos and all... 😭😭