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Hehe so I finally thought I'd do a get to know me card ╮(─▽─)╭ Luckily I was tagged to do one so this card isn't out of vain. And I usually don't post often, so this should be fun. I bring to you *drum roll* dun ta da dun
Yes indeedy I'm doing the BtoB get to know me challenge.
#1 on the list is how I got into BtoB Well to be frank they just popped up on me. Like most of the groups, I've come to love, they were recommended to me as I was looking through YouTube for more songs. Once I listened I was hooked on them. I know not a very extravagant way, but meh.
#2 Who is my Bias Hands down it's Changsub, I love his vocals and his sweet personality. And I really want to pinch his cheeks, he's so cute. But I enjoy his sexy side as well.
#3 How long have a been on Vingle I've only been on Vingle for, if I remember correctly, a year and a half. I don't post much, but I'm quite active. Tried my hand at challenges when I first got here, but failed dramatically (^~^;)
#4 What is my favorite song or era My favorite song is the first one I ever heard that made me fall for them and that would be Insane.
#5 Who is my UB It took me awhile to choose a UB, but ultimately this drama queen won my heart. Although he can be quite dramatic, he is super caring for his members, and when he smiles it's just breathe taking. Kim Sunggyu 사랑해요 >////<
#6 Who is my Bias Group It would would have to be Infinite, they were one of my first groups and I always love those silly boys. Woohyun just dropped his first album and it is beautiful. Sungjong came back from the military last year and their comeback dropped, and a lot of bad things have happened like Hoya's recent recovery from his knee injury. But they have gone through a lot and I just love them so much. They make me laugh and smile......I'm rambling heh.
#7 How long have I been a melody I've been a melody for about 3 yrs now going on my 4th (≧∇≦)/
#8 Do I have a favorite member hairstyle Yes I do. Ilhoon with messy blonde hair kills me. He such a bias wrecker. The lil bastard, and when I so him with tattoos in Hyuna's MV, man.
#9 Have I posted a card of BtoB before I have not. Heh, like I said, I don't really post a lot. But you'll see me commenting around ~(^~^)~
#10 Five random facts 1) I love to rp different kpop groups with people, so if you have a kakaotalk account and want to make one with me, comment down below ^^ 2) My favorite movie is Star Dust 3) I have a younger sister who I love dearly 4) I'm getting a tattoo of a moon and star with the Korean saying: 나는 달 오전 내 스타입니다 (I am the moon and you are my star) 5) Cat's the name and I'm an eighteen yr old girl headed for college So that's me o(〃^▽^〃)o
@StephanieDuong @JiyongLeo Nice to meet you guys too! Thanks for the love 😁
It's so nice to meet you! this is a lovely card!
Hello! Thank you for participating in the challenge. This is a great card and it's really wonderful to get to know you.
I love this! So wonderful to meet you! 😊
Yay! I love this card. Nice to meet you! :D
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