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My Taehyung Fanart!!
So I found this picture of Tae online and I just LOVED it! So I decided to draw it, and I stayed up all night to finish the whole drawing. (I need sleepppp) EONJOY!! ^-^
a close-up of his face (IT'S FLAWLESS)
vv nervous about coloring his hair
finished his hair successfully (surprisingly) XD
I added some "flare" ...lol
and this is the final product!!

In the comments, feel free to rate this drawing (1-10) or just tell me what you think of it ^-^

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WOW.. I'm so speechless~! This is so beautiful, and so great! Props to you and your artsy-ness. I still can't.. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. 馃槶鉂わ笍 you should also check out some of my art work that I paint of BTS~ and please tag me in your cards. 馃槉
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@xxxtina thank you so muchhh! It makes me blush ^.^ haha. I will surely tag you in all of my future cards, and I would LOVE to see your art work but I can't find it on your page?
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@4dalientae oh really? It's on my last collection under KPOP FAN ART STUFF. Lol but I can tag you on my cards too. ^^
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help me become a better artist in drawing real people instead of just anime
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