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There's many popular child stars, like Kim Yoo Jung and Yeo Jin Goo, but the next generation is quickly rising! Check out this selection of up-and-coming child actors to be on the look-out for!
Seo Shin Ae (17)
Known for 'High Kick 2' and working on showing her more mature side. Was first seen in the movie 'Mr. Housewife' playing Da-na. Started in a movie about a man who is a stay at home dad takong care of the house and his daughter while his wife is off at work. After falling into financial trouble, he enters a contest but must disguise himself as a woman to participate.
Jin Ji Hee (17)
Also known for 'High Kick 2' and her catch phrase that is a variation of 'you poopyhead', she is also working on showing her more mature side like former co-star Seo Shin Ae. Was first seen in 2003 playing Lee Yoo-na in the TV series 'Yellow Handkerchief', which was about a man who dumps his wife with plans to marry his boss' daughter. But his ex finds herself pregnant and the battle for custody begins.
Jung Da Bin (16)
Known for 'She Was Pretty' and making appearances in many variety shows, as well as MC-ing for gigs and participating in photo shoots. Was first seen in 2004 playing Han Shin-bi in the TV series 'Wonderful Life'. It's a story of two college students becoming parents after a one night stand.
Kim Hwan Hee (13)
A well loved child actress, she will be on 'Happy Together 3' with Seo Shin Ae, Jin Ji Hee, and Exo. Was first seen on the TV series 'Robber' playing Jang Yoo-jin. 'Robber' is a tale of a young woman who graduates high school and runs off to get married. Once she is pregnant, her husband dies in a tragic accident and forces her to move in with the mother-in-law. Who then sets her up on a blind date which turns out to be an old man and she runs out, hopping into her car and causing a car crash. But the man she crashes with has secret intentions of his own, but tries to win her heart when she turns out to not be interested in him.
Kal So Won (9)
Known for 'Miracle in Cell No. 7' and is quickly becoming one of the most well-known child actors. Was first seen as Han Da-yeon in the 2012 TV series 'Take Care of Us, Captain'. The series is about a woman working hard to become a pilot and has a rough beginning. Be sure to have your tissues ready!
Jo Hyun Do (11)
Known for 'The Merchant: Gaekju 2015' and became loved for his impressive performance. Was first seen playing a child monk in the 2014 'Kundo: Age of the Rampant'. In the 19th century, a wealthy nobleman has an illegitimate son, but since he and his wife have failed to have a son of their own, they take in the boy when he is 10. Soon, the couple has a legitimate son, and the boy struggles with this. The younger brother is killed by thieves and opens a chance for the elder to become a legitimate son, and he picks up his weapons to kill the pregnant mother of his dead brother.
Kim Yoo Bin (11)
Known for 'God's Gift - 14 Days' but really had made a name for herself before that, winning an award for her acting in 'A Thousand Affections'. Was first seen playing a minor character in 'Oh! My lady' in 2010. In which an older woman becomes a manager for a popular celebrity who is quite arrogant.

Have you seen any of these actors? Leave your thoughts down below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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I do recognized some of these Wasn't Jin Hee in that kdrama Moon embracing the sun. I think she played the young princess.