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Sorry it's a day late but here it is! WW back again with Tsundere Edition once again! We can never really get tired of our tsundere Waifus!
My #1 Waifu who just happens to be tsundere as well is of course Tokiwadai Ace! The 3rd ranked level 5 esper, Railgun herself, Mikado Mikoto! Yes she is love! She is life!
I also wanted to put a new face here too! From the resently finished anime Kuma Miko here is Hibiki Sakata! If you haven't seen this show yet, go watch it! It's funny and adorable and just all around great!
@assasingod I chose that Tsundere esper last time for Tundere edition =w= she's so freaking cute and awesome
AHHH I'm gld you picked her!!! :D
@assasingod YEEESSSS Great minds do think alike
@NeckoNecko I did too! Great minds think alike lol I've used her at least 3 times for my {WW} She's the definition of kawaii tsundere!
@AsuraMina anytime bud!
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