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It's Thursday!!! And we all know what that means...VOTING DAY!!!! This week, I decided to make the list with Got7 and BTS members. I Have a List of 4 K-Stars below. You get to vote which k-star you would like me to Make a K-Star Saturday Card about.

There are some Rules though:

1. You can only vote one time. 2. Once you have made your vote, you can't take it back. Vote ends at 12:00 Am on Saturday, Central Time.

"What is K-Star Saturday?"

K-star Saturday is when I make a card Dedicated to the K-Star that gets the most votes. The card tells you all about them. It contains Facts about them, Fun Facts, and it Includes Quotes and Gifs. So here are your Choices for this week

Jimin - BTS

Last week's Runner up.

Junior - Got7

I Put him on the list this week for @Purplicious
Himchan- B.A.P
YoungJae - B.A.P
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힘찬오빠!!! (Himchan Oppa) 😄😄😄
지민이 오빵~^^ (BTS😍😍)
YOUNGJAE!!! (UB for life)