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Donghyun main info: Real name: Kim Dong Hyun Stage name: Donghyun Nicknames: Korea’s Jay Chou Position: Leader and lead vocalist Birthday: February 12, 1989 Height: 178 cm (5'10) Weight: 60 kg (132lbs) Fun Facts: •He along with MinWoo are the most fluent in English. •He really likes fashion, and is said to be the “Fashion King” of Boyfriend. •He loves sports, and during his free time he will either jog or play football. •He eats the less in the group since he is on a diet. •He can play the piano. In fact he use to have a dream of becoming a Pianist. •During his trainee days, he used to be the one who played the piano for the other trainees to practice their vocals. •He likes to work out and usually does so with HyunSeong. •He thinks his face looks funny when he sings. •According to HyunSeong, anything Donghyun does he does with caution, so whatever he does he does well. •He joked that his aim in 2012 is to fix his hard working diligence because being too hardworking is tiring and he wants to learn how to be lazy from Youngmin. •He admirers Jay Chou, the Chinese singer, right after he watched “Secret“. •He wants to be the type of Boyfriend who is perfect. •His idols are BIGBANG ever since he watched them on stage. •If he had a day off, he would just get in a car and just drive with no destination. •He once said “Fans are like our own girlfriends. There are times they prepare delicious food for us when we’re on our way to a TV station. We are really thankful to them.” •He is very close to his parents. •He is like the father of Boyfriend. •He says that K.Will is the one who taught him how to sing. •He prefers the Wonder Girls over Girls‘ Generation/SNSD. •He visited Indonesia once when he was a child and he wishes to go there again. •He was in label mate SISTAR‘s MV for “Push Push” along with YoungMin and KwangMin. •He was a back up dancer for K.Will before debut along with YoungMin, KwangMin, and MinWoo. •He was once on “Star Golden Bell” before Boyfriend‘s debut. •Once when he was sleeping on the bottom bunk and Youngmin was sleeping on the upper bunk, the top bunk crashed down on him. •His ideal girl is someone who is lovely and cheerful since his personality is stiff and cannot express himself well.